Pilot Jumbo 25M Retractable Barrier

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Introducing the latest instalment to the Pilot Barrier Range – the Pilot Jumbo! This extra long retractable barrier tape extends to a class-leading 25 metres and features positive locking at any point along the length. Designed for applications where a long barrier is required, this product is perfect for loading docks, airports, warehouses and similar industries.

When partnered with our incredible range of accessories, paired Pilot Jumbo devices can extend up to 50 metres. The user easily retracts the barrier tape with a manual rewind, in either left or right-handed operation.

The Pilot Jumbo is a simple, practical and durable long barrier tape. Made to last, its tough nylon tape and plastic construction handle the elements both indoors and outdoors.


Additional Information

Pilot Jumbo 25 Retractable Barrier

The Pilot Jumbo extends to 25 metres!

Designed to feature the same versatility as the 10 metre Pilot Retractable Barriers, this longer model expands on its strengths and offers a jumbo alternative. Featuring tough nylon, strong plastic housing and many ergonomic features, the Pilot Jumbo is next-level in its abilities. Its large handle is perfect for one-hand grip, while the other hand operates the reversible crank. The Pilot Jumbo also has a simple lock on and lock off functionality, allowing the belt to be stopped at any point. Furthermore, it features a built-in receiver that allows multiple units to be connected together and it is available in 12 standard colours.


  • An enormous 25-metre tape extension length.
  • Built to last and for convenient use.
  • Quickly secures areas with an extended nylon barrier.
  • Tough nylon tape with a moulded plastic housing.
  • The reversible crank arm can be configured with either left or right-hand operation.
  • Maintenance-free manual rewind.
  • Manual belt lock can be operated at any point in time along the belt’s length (simple lock on or lock-off functionality).
  • Pozi-Grip Handle ensures a secure grip on the device, while the other hand is free to turn the crank.
  • The unit can be either wall or surface mounted. Multi-Post option allows for flexible use.
  • Built-in Receiver that allows multiple devices to be connected together for greater coverage.
  • Available in 12 standard belt colours.

Pilot Jumbo Retractable Barrier Hero

Technical Specifications: 

  • Material – Plastic Housing
  • Tape Finish – Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Red/White or Black/Yellow
  • Tape Length – 25 metres
  • Compatible with Pilot Jumbo Wall Mount Bracket and Surface Mount Post, as well as Pilot 40 kg Telescopic Multi-Post
  • 12-month Factory Warranty

Easy installation on-site!

The Pilot Jumbo can be either wall-mounted or surface mounted. The Wall Mount Bracket features a heavy-duty, galvanised steel construction and can easily accommodate two retractable belt units. They simply slide onto the securing pins and are padlocked into place to prevent unauthorised removal.

Alternatively, the Surface Mount Post is designed to be used there is not an existing post or wall available. In integrates with our wall mount bracket, with the post able to accommodate two of these brackets in total. That means, up to four retractable belt units can be mounted off the one post.

mounting bracket pilot 25

Wall Mounting Bracket

mounting post pilot 25

Surface Mount Post

The Pilot Telescopic Multi-Post also offers a great housing solution, as it easily holds up to four Pilot Jumbo Belt Barriers and is compatible with a wide range of other accessories. This post can extend from 1300 mm to 2000 mm with a mid-level accessory mounting adaptor. Improve the Multi-Post’s stability with the addition of 10 kg cast iron base weights. It also features 200 mm diameter rubber wheels for effortless mobility.


  • 40 kg base; unit weight can be increased with 10 kg cast iron base weights.
  • 200 mm rubber wheels that allow the post to be moved easily.
  • The telescopic post extends 700 mm (from 1300 mm to 2000 mm).
  • Mid-level accessory mounting adaptor.
  • Telescopic post locking clamp.
  • Aluminium double-sided sign brackets.
  • Post top accessory mounting adaptor.
40 kg Telescopic Multi Post

40 kg Telescopic Multi-Post

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Red & white tape


Green & white tape


Black & yellow tape


Blue & white tape


Yellow tape


Red tape


Blue tape


Black tape


NO ENTRY tape message


DO NOT ENTER tape message


CAUTION NO ENTRY tape message


CAUTION tape message


Surface mounted post


40kg Telescopic Multi-Post


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