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Mobile Stretch Wrapping Robot

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Our Mobile Stretch Wrapping Robot (also known as the OrbitWrap) is the perfect solution for stretch wrapping palletised loads of any shape, weight and dimension. An intuitive and truly innovative system, it is a portable system that offers the same wrapping capabilities as traditional turntables.

Not only does it wrap loads, but the Stretch Wrapping Robot features a safety sensor for extra security. If a person or obstacle is in the machines path, it automatically stops. This improves worker safety and efficiency. The heavy duty battery will keep the device working for up to 8 hours.

The Mobile Stretch Wrapping Robot can handle any sized pallet. It moves easily to access loads and can be easily adjusted when needed. The pre-stretch film carriage stretches up to 300%. It has photocells that detect pallet heights and a keyboard control panel.


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Wrap any sized pallet with our Mobile Stretch Wrapping Robot!

There are no limits to this device! Various sized pallets and products can be packaged easily and efficiently. With adjustable top and bottom wraps, the unit automatically detects the pallet height with its sensor. From there, it moves easily with a soft start, emergency stop (if required) and adjustable speeds. Wrapping parameters can be simply adjusted from the control panel.

The Mobile Stretch Wrapping Robot only requires one-man installation. Its film carriage is driven by chain, it has a foldable mast and the detecting wheel diameter is 320 mm. The device also features a battery charger and battery indicator to notify battery percentage and charging requirements.

Stretch Wrapping Robot POR-600MW Specifications:

  • No pallet size limit
  • Speed – 90 m/min
  • Min. Pallet Size – 600 x 600 (W x L mm)
  • Max Wrapping Height – 2400 mm
  • Film Stretch (%) – 300% and 230%
  • Film Tension – Adjustable
  • Film Carriage Speed Max. – Adjustable
  • Max. Film Diameter – 250 mm
  • Machine Dimensions – 1906 x 1225 x 2943 (mm)
  • Machine net weight – 430 kg
Mobile Stretch Wrapping Robot

POR-600MW Mobile stretch wrap robot

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