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Beam Trolleys – Geared

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These strongly constructed girder trolleys are designed to roll on the flanges of universal beams. The width is adjustable to suit a variety of beam flange widths and a geared chain wheel operates the travel.

  • Manually operated with no power or air required
  • Designed to be light and simple to install without unnecessary weight and bulkiness
  • Wheels are adjustable to work with both tapered and beams with flat flanges
  • Lubricated ball bearings increase reliability with smooth operation while under load
  • Available with different connectors for use with different products

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

TSG Geared trolley 500KG 58-127 flange width


TSG Geared trolley 1T 58-127 flange width


TSG Geared trolley 2T 82-153 flange width


TSG Geared trolley 1.5T 82-153 flange width


TSG Geared trolley 2.5T 82-153 flange width


TSG Geared trolley 3T 82-153 flange width


TSG Geared trolley 5T 100-178 flange width


TSG Geared trolley 7.5T 150-220 flange width


TSG Geared trolley 10T 150-220 flange width


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