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Dangerous Goods Storage Relocatables

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Our relocatable dangerous goods storage units have unique modulated design which provides economical, safe and secure external storage of large volumes of flammable liquids and solids, oxidising agents, organic peroxides, toxins, poisons, corrosives and miscellaneous dangerous goods. They are essential for safety and are constructed from zinc coated steel, coated with highly resistant 2 coat polyurethane gloss finish in accordance with AS 1940-2004 (flammable and combustible liquids) and are ready for immediate use. Each store can be purpose built to specifically comply with your organisation’s requirements and can include shelving compartments, decanting systems, pump stations, poly bund linings and built-in eyewash facilities. Ask us.


  • Cambered roof for rain water run-off
  • Doors which fold back 270o for ease of access and forklift loading/unloading of pallets
  • ISO locking bars for high security
  • Ventilators to suit AS 1940-2004
  • Appropriate warning and safety signage
  • Lifting lugs, forklift channels and locating plates
  • Finished in high build 2 pack polyurethane primer and high gloss topcoat, total build thickness minimum of 120 microns
  • Cyclonic proof construction
  • Engineered footing details
  • Earth stake and mounting

The Double Deep unit are dual sided access. See codes with “suffix D”   

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Capacity: 850 litres
Pallet/Drums: 1
External HxWxD (mm): 1585x1375x1300
Internal HxWxD (mm): 1200x1250x1250
Approx Unit Weight: 400kg


Capacity: 1650 litres
Pallets/Drums: 2/8
External HxWxD (mm): 1585x2650x1300
Internal HxWxD (mm): 1200x2500x1200
Approx Unit Weight: 500kg


Capacity: 1650 litres
Pallets/Drums: 2/8
External HxWxD (mm): 2710x1400x1300
Internal HxWxD (mm): 2325x1250x1200
Approx Unit Weight: 500kg


Capacity: 3280 litres
Pallets/Drums: 4/16
External HxWxD (mm): 2710x2650x1300
Internal HxWxD (mm): 2325x2500x1200
Approx Unit Weight: 850kg


Capacity: 4920 litres
Pallets/Drums: 6/24
External HxWxD (mm): 2710x3950x1300
Internal HxWxD (mm): 2325x3800x1200
Approx Unit Weight: 1100kg


Capacity: 6560 litres
Pallets/Drums: 8/32
External HxWxD (mm): 2710x5200x1300
Internal HxWxD (mm): 2325x5050x1200
Approx Unit Weight: 1300kg


This unit is double depth.
Capacity: 6560 litres
Pallets/Drums: 8/32
External HxWxD (mm): 2710x2650x2500
Internal HxWxD (mm): 2325x2500x2400
Approx Unit Weight: 1300kg


Capacity: 8200 litres
Pallets/Drums: 10/40
External HxWxD (mm): 2710x6500x1300
Internal HxWxD (mm): 2325x6350x1200
Approx Unit Weight: 1900kg


Capacity: 9840 litres
Pallets/Drums: 12/48
External HxWxD (mm): 2710x3950x2500
Internal HxWxD (mm): 2325x3800x2400
Approx Unit Weight: 2200kg


This unit is double depth
Capacity: 9840 litres
Pallets 12
External HxWxD (mm): 2825x4115x2520
Internal HxWxD (mm): 2220x3750x2480
Approx Unit Weight: 2200kg


Capacity: 12120 litres
Pallets/Drums: 16/64
External HxWxD (mm): 2710x10300x1300
Internal HxWxD (mm): 2325x10150x1200
Approx Unit Weight: 3050kg


Capacity: 13120 litres
Pallets/Drums: 16/64
External HxWxD (mm): 2840x5365x2660
Internal HxWxD (mm): 2250x5000x2600
Approx Unit Weight: 3000kg


Capacity: 16400 litres
Pallets/Drums: 20/80
External HxWxD (mm): 2710x12900x1300
Internal HxWxD (mm): 2325x12750x1200
Approx Unit Weight: 400kg


This unit is double depth.
Capacity: 16400 litres
Pallets/Drums: 20/80
External HxWxD (mm): 2710x6500x2500
Internal HxWxD (mm): 2325x6350x2400
Approx Unit Weight: 4000kg


Capacity: 19680 litres
Pallets/Drums: 24
External HxWxD (mm): 2710x7800x2550
Internal HxWxD (mm): 2325x7650x2480
Approx Unit Weight: 4400kg


Capacity: 26240 litres
Pallets/Drums: 32
External HxWxD (mm): 2700x10400x2550
Internal HxWxD (mm): 2325x10250x2480
Approx Unit Weight: 6000kg


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