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Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets Outdoor IBC

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Our IBC compatible Outdoor Dangerous Goods Stores protect large hazardous materials and store IBCs and pallets in external environments. Easily relocatable, the containers feature single or double depth, with dual access. As a result, they store great capacities onsite and are equipped to store from 1000 to 16,000 litres.

Manufactured in Australia and in accordance with strict Australian Standards, these units support dangerous goods classified as Class 3: Flammable Liquids, Class 5.1: Oxidising Agents, Class 5.2: Organic Peroxides, Class 6.1: Toxic Substances and Class 8: Corrosive Substances. Each IBC spill container is constructed in heavy-duty steel and finished in a polyurethane coating.

Additional Information

Our Outdoor Dangerous Goods Stores are perfect for IBCs! 

These containers make storing bulk containers outside incredibly. Each goods unit has forklift access that allows the container to be transported anywhere in a workplace or job site. They also have been a robust construction and ventilation system to accommodate a wide range of chemicals. Each container is fitted with ISO locking bars for additional security.


  • Hinged door 270o – folds back for easy forklift access when loading or unloading IBCs.
  • Complies with relevant Australian Standards and manufactured in Australia.
  • Polyurethane coating that’s finished in a high-build 2 pak primer. It also has a high gloss topcoat with a total build thickness of 120 microns.
  • Lifting lugs, forklift channels and locating plates.
  • Ventilation bars.
  • ISO locking system for high security.
  • Cyclone-proof construction.
  • Engineered footing details available.
  • Earth staking and mounting.
  • Cambered roof for rainwater run-off.
  • Liquid-tight spill containment sump with compliant capacity.
  • Appropriate warning and safety signs.
  • Easy access via forklift or user.
  • Suitable for storage of IBCs and pallets.


Code External Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Storage Levels Max. Capacity
DPR01BB 2205 1540 1440 406 1 1000 L
DPR02BB 1950 2790 1440 569 1 2000 L
DPR04BB 3445 2670 1440 835 2 4000 L
DPR06BB 3350 4115 1440 1141 2 6000 L
DPR08BB 3310 5365 1440 1422 2 8000 L
DPR08DBB 3320 2790 2520 1276 2 8000 L
DPR10BB 3280 6740 1440 1767 2 10000 L
DPR12BB 3280 7990 1440 2027 2 12000 L
DPR12DBB 3305 4115 2520 2350 2 12000 L
DPRB16BB 3280 10615 1440 2715 2 16000 L
DPR16DBB 3295 5365 2520 4250 2 16000 L

Please Note: IBCs are not included.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Outdoor Dangerous Goods Store


Outdoor Dangerous Goods Store


Outdoor Dangerous Goods Store


Outdoor Dangerous Goods Store


Outdoor Dangerous Goods Store


Outdoor Dangerous Goods Store
Double Depth


Outdoor Dangerous Goods Store


Outdoor Dangerous Goods Store


Outdoor Dangerous Goods Store
Double Depth


Outdoor Dangerous Goods Store


Outdoor Dangerous Goods Store
Double Depth


Outdoor Dangerous Goods Store


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