Sandbag Filling Frame

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Our MBSB02RS Sandbag Filling Frame is a gravity-fed, foot-operated device that boosts efficiency. It expertly and safely dispenses sand, gravel and other loose materials, thus lowering the risk of injuries commonly associated with bag filling. Builders, landscapers, councils, emergency services, and civil construction companies will all benefit from this product.

The Sandbag Filling Frame is extremely efficient and is able to fill a 20 kg bag every 6-8 seconds (on average). It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any electricity to run. Dual outlets allow one or two operators to work at the same time, resulting in higher production. Additionally, fork pockets and crane lugs allow for easy transportation around a worksite.

Additional Information

Easy and efficient bulk bag collection.
The Sandbag Filling Frame is designed to rapidly, safely, and efficiently disperse sand, gravel, and other loose materials. It’s simple to use and has folding side platforms for convenient loading and access. A forklift or crane can readily transport this equipment around a workplace.


  • Designed for fast, safe and efficient dispensing of sand, gravel, and other loose material.
  • Simple to operate and requires no power source to function.
  • Comes complete with foldable side platforms for safe access and loading.
  • Dual outlets allow single or two operators to work simultaneously increasing efficiency.
  • Fitted with fork pockets and crane lugs for easy transport around the worksite.


  • Working Load Limit (WLL) – 1800 kg
  • Capacity – 0.85 m3
  • Dimensions (side platforms folded down) – 2120 x 1150 x 2290 mm
  • Dimensions (side platforms assembled) – 2950 x 1150 x 2290 mm
  • Unit Weight – 592 kg
  • Fork Pocket Size – 185 x 85 mm
  • Fork Pocket Centres – 800 mm
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Sand Bag Filling Frame

MBSB02RS $9,180.00

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