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Tipping Bins Forklift Mounted Lever Release

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Our Forklift Tipping Bins (Lever Release) are an economical and practical solution for retrieving, collecting and disposing industrial waste. Featuring a low profile, their versatility allows them to be used in confined spaces to improve waste handling and management processes.

To activate the tipping action, a forklift driver pulls a cord from the drivers seat. This lever release mechanism allows the bin to empty its contents smoothly and with ease. Furthermore, an in-built, customised shock absorber prevents external forces transmitting to the driver during the release and emptying process.

With an incredible Working Load Limit (WLL) of 1500 kg, this attachment is robust and reliable. It is manufactured from 3 mm plate and reinforced with heavy-duty edging and crane lugs.

Additional Information

Our Forklift Tipping Bins are a strong and reliable waste bin!

As an option, each forklift bin can be fitted with castors to enable it to be moved around site. Their durable galvanised finish ensures they are heavy duty and robust. When operating with a forklift, simply pick up the bin via the fork pockets and secure the chain for additional safety. A safety switch also prevents accidental release of the unit. Our MWFL Forklift Tipping Bins (Lever Release) come in a range of variations to ensure your waste management processes are improved and fulfilled. With different capacity ranges, bin heights and bin types, Lever Release Tipping Bins are available to suit varying requirements.

Overall Specifications:

  • Working Load Limit – 1500 kg
  • Fork Pocket Size – 185 mm x 70 mm
  • Overall Length of Bin – 1807 mm
  • Crane and upending lugs fitted as standard
  • Durable galvanised finish
  • Unit can be fitted with removable drain plug and valve
  • Optional wheel kit available (2 swivel, 2 fixed)

Specific Variation Information: 

Code Capacity Overall Width Bin Height (excl. Lugs) HCG Pocket Centres Unit Weight
MWFL5X74 0.35 m3 740 mm 555 mm 670 mm 310 mm 140 kg
MWFL9X74 0.68 m3 740 mm 905 mm 757 mm 310 mm 180 kg
MWFL5X11 0.59 m3 1150 mm 555 mm 822 mm 695 mm 165 kg
MWFL9X11 1.1 m3 1150 mm 905 mm 750 mm 695 mm 215 kg
MWFL9X20 2.1 m3 1986 mm 905 mm 725 mm 695 mm 275 kg


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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Optional castor kit:
Two fixed two swivel castors with brakes

SC60011-005 $300.00

Optional castor kit:
Two fixed two swivel castors with brakes
150mm diameter polyurethane

SC60006-004 $300.00

Forklift Tipping Bin – Lever Release
Capacity – 0.35 cubic metres
Unit Weight – 140 kg

MWFL5X74 $1,980.00

Forklift Tipping Bin – Lever Release
Capacity – 0.68 cubic metres
Unit Weight – 180 kg

MWFL9X74 $2,330.00

Forklift Tipping Bin – Lever Release
Capacity – 0.59 cubic metres
Unit Weight – 165 kg

MWFL5X11 $2,180.00

Forklift Tipping Bin – Lever Release
Capacity – 1.1 cubic metres
Unit Weight – 215 kg

MWFL9X11 $2,680.00

Forklift Tipping Bin – Lever Release
Capacity – 2.1 cubic metres
Unit Weight – 275 kg

MWFL9X20 $3,360.00

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