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CargoMaster C120 Stair Climber

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The CargoMaster C120 is the latest stair climbing device on the market that offers fast lifting and handling. With improved features, this design is a high-speed climbing system that is lightweight, faster and safer than ever before. When transporting loads up and down staircases, this stair climber is an ideal and indispensable partner. 

With a step edge braking system, the CargoMaster C120 senses steps and stops at their very edge. Used commonly with wholesalers, home delivery services, healthcare personnel or government authorities, the stair climber can traverse 50 steps per minute. The ultra-light construction means its lightweight to carry, but durable enough to handle a lifting capacity up to 120 kg.


Additional Information

The fastest and safest CargoMaster Stair Climber!

The CargoMaster C120 is portable, cost-efficient and protects its users. Not only does the unit save organisations from potential manual handling strains or injuries, but it is a reliable trolley that can easily transport jobs up and down stairs. The device can easily handle spiral staircases and loads up to 120 kg effortlessly.

Technical Specifications: 

  • Lifting Capacity – 120 kg
  • Climbing Speed – 19-50 steps / minute
  • Range with on charge of the battery – 375 steps
  • Dimensions (mm) – 1066-1614 H x 493 W x 298 D
  • Weight without Battery Pack – 17 kg
  • Weight Battery Pack – 4.1 kg
  • Total Weight – 21.4 kg
  • Steps’ edge braking system
  • Battery gauge (indicates battery power remaining)

Note: Specifications are at an average of 75 kg and dependent on handle version.

This stair climber also features optional handles – either foldable, height adjustable or the Vario handles.

Stair Climber Handles





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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

CargoMaster C120 F
Handles folding


CargoMaster C120 S
Handles height adjustable


CargoMaster C120 V
Vario handles


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