Bollard Protection Sleeves

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Never repair scratched, rusted or faded bollards again. Barrier bollard protection sleeves offer a quick, simple and economical way to recondition old rusted, faded or scractched bollards, without ever needing to remove, replace or re-paint again. For a fraction of the coast of replacement, you can rejuvenate your old bollards.

The new modular bollard protection sleeves and caps fit any standard 140mm or 90mm dia. bollards regardless of whether they are ours or a competitor’s.

The bollard protection sleeve can be made in any colour, so they are suitable for corporate or heritage environments. Ideal for shopping centres, carparks. schools and warehouses. Particularly useful in food processing facilities where chipped or flaking paint and powdercoat surfaces are a health hazard. Can be washed down and are not affected by most chemicals or oils etc.

Sleeve Modules


The 140mm diameter module covers 300mm in length and 225mm for the 90 diameter model. They are supplied with a class 1 self adhesive reflective band for increased night visbility.

Sleeve Caps


These super tough polyethylene caps complete the installation of our bollard protections sleeves.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


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