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Drum Rim Remove Tool Drum De-Headers

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For serious operations that require a heavy duty solution to remove lids from drums these are the Wizard drum tools for you.  There are two series of Wizard drum de-headers that open steel drums easily and safely.

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The Wizard G Series drum de-headers are the most versatile and popular models. They cut on the inside of the rolled edges of the drum leaving a smooth, burr-free, “hand-safe” edge. The Wizard G series are ideal for de-heading a high to moderate volume of full and empty steel drums up to 1mm thick, de-heading drums in less than one minute. Empty drums, once de-headed, are ideal for use as storage, shipping, or utility containers. The Wizard G series also easily removes the tops and bottoms of steel drums to facilitate their disposal. The Wizard G series self-propelled drum de- headers are available in air, automatic air and electric power. They can be easily converted to an outside cut if required.

The Wizard J Series are specifically designed for scrapping drums. These de-headers cut on the outside of the drum shell so smooth, dent-free chimes are not required. They can remove the entire drum top and/or bottom for drum flattening in less than two minutes. Flattened drums take up less space and prevent potential liability from future drum use.

There are also F and H Series food quality models for use with food, pharmaceutical, or industrial drums where contamination risk must be minimised. They cut on the outside of the rolled edge, minimising the potential for contamination of the drum contents. The lid stays in place until lifted off. Fast – Portable – Easy

There is an optional Support Tower that keeps Wizard self-propelled drum de-headers at working height and minimises lifting. A complete de-heading station should include the tower as well as a Wizard de-header; chime de-kinker, universal wrench and spare de-heading tool. There is also an optional magnetic drum lid holder that can be used with the drum tower. It prevents the drum lid from falling into the drum after the lid has been cut.

Electric models are chosen for quiet operation and when single-phase power is available. Weighs 22kg. Air models are preferred in industrial settings where floors and work areas are wet. Weighs 24kg. The automatic air model is effective when a large number of drums are being de-headed. This model automatically adjusts the gap between the cutter wheel and drive roller. Manual adjustments have to be made on the electric and air models. Weighs 26kg. Air and Automatic models are optionally available with non-ferrous cutter wheels.

View our Manual Drum De-Header our Drum De-Header Tools and our Manual WIZ-KID® for more drum deheader products.

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Automatic Air Model Non-ferrous inside cutters


Air Model Wizard with inside cutters


Air Model Non-ferrous inside cutters


Electric Model Wizard with inside cutters


Automatic Air Model Wizard with inside cutters


Air Model Wizard with outside cutters


Electric Model Wizard with outside cutters


Air Model Non-ferrous outside cutters


Automatic Air Model Wizard with outside cutters


Automatic Air Model Non-ferrous outside cutters


Electric Model Wizard


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