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Drum Rim Remove Tool De-Headers WIZ-Kid

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Our patented WIZ-KID® are the latest in steel drum de-heading technology. There are two WIZ-KID® models designed to open steel drums easily and safely:

The Electric WIZ-KID® drives itself around the drum chime, cutting and folding the metal toward the chime, leaving a safe, smooth, burr-free edge on the drum. It is the right choice for moderate to low drum volume. It de-heads most drums in less than two minutes.

The Manual WIZ-KID® is designed for use in remote areas, where no power source is available, or where drum volume is low and a manual tool is preferred. It employs the same patented cutting principles as the Electric WIZ-KID®, leaving the safe edge, however it is driven by a manual ratchet action requiring only minimal user effort.

Product Variations

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Manual WIZ-KID drum de-header


Electric WIZ-KID drum de-header


Manual WIZ-KID drum de-header
Non-ferrous cutting wheel


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