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Stair Robot Stair Climber

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The Stair Robot conquers a range of transporting requirements and staircases, step by step!

Available in three different models – SR Express, SR-450 and SR-1750 – these reliable stair climbing machines are dynamic, efficient and have proven manual handling results for a number of companies. Adopted by a number of industries worldwide, they are suitable for a range of applications. Some include, for transporting white goods and appliances, air-conditioners, communication equipment, machines, pallets, crates, furniture and pianos.

As mentioned, the Stair Robot has three capacities for small to heavy loads. They also feature different functionalities to suit an operators requirements. One thing is for sure, however. The Stair Robot consistently delivers, saving organisations in manual handling risks and improving productivity in all activities.

Additional Information

Move your loads the smart and safe way!

The Stair Robot saves time and money through its professional and safe movement of everyday equipment. This dynamic handling device, moves bulky or heavy loads out of vehicles, up staircases and to the desired location (of course this action can be performed in reverse). It effectively reduces injuries and strains that effect employee well-being and it also enables handling teams to work productively or one operator on their own.

Choose the right Stair Robot model for your application!

The Stair Robot is available in three different models to suit differing lifting capacities. These options are outlined further below.

Stair Robot – SR Express

A battery powered machine, the Stair Robot Express is designed for day-to-day distribution and transportation of goods. Featuring a compact and lightweight design, this unit can handle up to 175 kg. With assistance from the drive unit, this model can easily load itself in and out of vehicles.

The Stair Robot Express easily navigates staircases and features two functions – up and down. It carries loads step by step, and is easy to operate by one person. The device has a range of optional extras including handles that can be height adjusted, fast-charge battery packs, a remote control, adjustable lifting platform and various types of wheels. The Stair Robot Express reduces the strain of loads and ensures the operator does not exert physical effort when moving goods up and down stairs.

Ideal for transporting products including washing machines, refrigerators, computers, photocopiers, crates and cabinets.

At a glance:
– Capacity 175 kg
– Dual user function
– Single operation
– Lightweight aluminium frame

Stair Robot - SR Express

Stair Robot – SR-450

A battery powered treadmill design, the Stair Robot SR-450 can transport loads of up to 350 kg. this is a stable and durable device, that easily moves over stairs. Fitted with an extendable frame attachment, objects that are longer than 188 cm, can be moved securely. Featuring double tractors, the SR-450 remains steady when moving up and down staircases. This device is also equipped with a folding support wheel to drive the machine and its cargo to and from the staircase.

The SR-450 features a folding swivel wheel that allows it to easily turn in confined spaces. Its twin rubber tracks spread a heavy load comfortably over three treads of a stairway. The device comes with a battery charger and batteries can be charged in approximately 3.5 hours. An LED gauge indicates the power level of the batteries and the unit features an electronic brake that is engaged when the control is released or when power drops for any reason.

Ideal for transporting a range of products including white goods, motors, appliances, photocopiers, computers, air-conditioning units, fireplaces, vending machines, entertainment cabinets, data boxes, switchboards, communication equipment, pallets, crates, cabinets, furniture and pianos.

At a glance:
– Capacity 350 kg
– Battery powered
– Quick, efficient and safe
– Multi-functional

Stair Robot - SR 450

Stair Robot – SR-1750

The Stair Robot SR-1750 is the strongest model of this range. Designed to effectively transport loads of up to 1000 kg, it can safely and reliably climb stairs with heavy and fragile cargo. To assist in ease of movement and provide additional support, the SR-1750 is supplied with a loading cover, stair approach ramp, dolly and turntable. These tools aid the device and ensure it reaches the final destination.

The Stair Robot SR-1750 is also equipped with a hydraulic levelling platform, that allows loads to be moved in a horizontal position throughout operation. Driving is made possible, thanks to the high-quality low noise AC motor, with thermal protection. The device includes a safety brake that engages when the control is released or if power was to drop out for any reason.

Ideal for transporting heavy and fragile items such as white goods, appliances, photocopiers, computers, air-conditioners, fireplaces, fireproof cabinets, vending machines, entertainment cabinets, data boxes, communication equipment, workplace equipment, pallets, crates, cabinets, furniture and pianos.

At a glance:
– Capacity 1000 kg
– Double bed
– Hydraulically adjustable platform
– Professional application areas

Stair Robot - SR 1750

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Product Variations

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Battery powered stair robot 175kg


Battery powered stair robot 350kg


Battery powered stair robot 350kg
For extremely large items
Extra long handles and remote control


Battery powered stair robot 1000kg


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