Skipper Retractable Barriers

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Skipper Retractable Barriers are great safety systems that can be used indoors or outdoors. With a bright design and a range of options to choose from, these products alert traffic and pedestrians of potential hazards and easily secure working environments.

Employing Skipper Retractable Barriers allows you to section off areas and confine hazardous activities. It also notifies potential traffic of an out-of-bounds section. Featuring a unique retractable design, these systems can be easily set up or taken down, providing great flexibility and functionality in any workplace. It’s super easy to protect employees and your valuable assets.

Choose from a wide range of items that all increase safety within the workplace. Easily create your own unique barrier system and have your employees working with ease

Additional Information

Skipper Retractable Barriers are a total management solution!

Tried and tested by safety professionals around the world, these solutions are superior barrier options when it comes to Workplace Health and Safety. Ideal for outdoors, indoors or waste management, they are a unique way to section off any area. Skipper Retractable Barriers create safe working zones with high visibility.

How does it work?

These systems simply click on top of most traffic cones or Skipper’s own Post and Base system (retractable barriers fit on standard 1.0 m cones). The barriers save time and storage, with easy configuration and set-up, and are a cost-effective and quality solution. The 9 m retractable tape allows four-way connectivity to create a secured zone. The barrier has a push button tape lock to secure the temporary fence. Each reinforced nylon strap is incredibly bright and durable. Optional wall mount brackets and receiver clips are available.

A wide variety of options to choose from with Skipper Retractable Barriers!

Configure the system to suit your requirements. Choose the perfect retractable barrier (in either red/white, black/yellow or blue/white colouring), select whether you need a post and base system, and then add optional accessories like lights, sign holders, recycle bins or sanitiser kits to create the perfect solution. Skipper XS units are now available – they allow use without cones or posts.

Skipper Retractable Barriers - 9m red,white

Skipper Retractable Barriers – 9m Red/White

Skipper Retractable Barriers - 9m black,yellow

Skipper Retractable Barriers – 9m, Black/Yellow


Skipper Retractable Barriers - 9m blue,white

Skipper Retractable Barriers – 9m, Blue/White

Browse our wide range of Skipper Products below and configure a system to meet your needs.

Need a stronger barrier system? Then view some of our other solutions.

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Skipper 9m Retractable Red/White


Skipper 9m Retractable Yellow/Black


Skipper 9m Retractable Blue/White


Skipper XS 9m Retractable – Red/White


Skipper XS 9m Retractable – Yellow/Black


Skipper XS 9m Retractable – Blue/White


Skipper Post and Base Setup


Skipper Cones


Skipper A4 Sign holder Sign


Skipper Rechargeable Safety Light


Skipper Wall support bracket W/Support


Skipper Magnetic support bracket M/Support


Skipper Wall receiver clip W/Receiver


Skipper Magnetic receiver clip M/Receiver


Skipper Dummy Unit


Skipper Suction pad holder/receiver Pad


Skipper Magnetic & cord strap holder/receiver Cord


Skipper Clamp holder/receiver Clamp


Skipper Recycle Bin


Skipper Safety Dispenser


Skipper Post and Base Collar


Skipper Suction Pad Support Bracket


Skipper Sanitiser Bracket


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