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Winch – Portable Pulley-Man

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The multipurpose and portable winch you can hold in the palm of your hand. The Pulleyman can be configured differently to suit the task. The standard assembly comes complete with wire rope and capable of 300kg load. It is possible to add a sheave to create a double-line assembly capable of handling 600kg. The lifting and lowering is simply powered by a hand-held drill in forward or reverse mode.

The Pulley-man is capable of functioning in any direction!

Capacity: 300 kg or 600 kg (depending on assembly configuration)
Unit weight: 3.5 kg
Rope length: 12m standard (longer length available)
Brake: Auto holding function with gear-reducer
Speed: Limited to the speed and power of the drill

*NOTE: Drill is not included!

Additional Information

Pulley man portable winch applicationsPulley man portable winch single line usePulley man portable winch double line (3)
Pulley man portable winch specifications

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Pulleyman mutli purpose winch
Complete with 12m wire rope and hook assembly


Sheave to convert Pulleyman to double-line


Pulleyman 12m wire rope


Pulleyman 20m wire rope


Pulleyman 30m wire rope


Pulleyman 50m wire rope


Pulleyman bottom hook


Pulleyman upper hook


Pulleyman hook latch


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