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Polyethylene Low Profile Spill Control Pallets

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These pallets are ideal for corrosive fluids and are resistant to solvents, acids and caustics. Steel drums are vulnerable to attack by harsh chemicals and plastic drums to mechanical damage. Leaks can result not only in lost contents but in waste water, contaminated soil or air and possible fines.

Protect yourself from the high cost of spill clean ups and possible punitive fines. These pallets are designed to contain spills and minimise the potential for slips and falls, whilst providing a safe liquid dispensing station. They may also be used as a battery holding and top up station. Always place drums on spill control pallets.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

2 Drum in Line Spill Control Pallet
WxLxH (mm) 1245x635x395
Capacity 250L
Capacity 1135kg
Weight 32kg


4 Drum Square Spill Control Pallet
WxLxH (mm) 1245x1245x260
Capacity 250L
Capacity 2270kg
Weight 46kg


WxLxH (mm) 1850x640x290
Capacity 250L
Capacity 1700kg
Weight 39kg


WxLxH (mm) 2460x640x230
Capacity 250L
Capacity 2268kg
Weight 50kg


2 Drum in Line Spill Controll Pallet with Drain Plug


4 Drum Square Spill Control Pallet with Drain


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