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Cage Trolleys Nesting Prestar

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Prestar Nesting Cage Trolleys have a clever fold-up base that allows them to be neatly stored away and nested into one another to save space. This makes them incredibly beneficial in any warehouse, distribution centre or facility.

When fully loaded, these heavy-duty trolleys offer a large volume capacity and are easily maneuverable. Additionally, they are constructed with a high impact-resistant plastic base and a steel cage double-coated for excellent durability.

We offer these trolleys in two sizes, with or without doors or in a total security lockable version. If required, plastic or steel drop-in shelves can be included. Optional accessories can be added to each model to help these trolleys further suit any working environment. Add on additional shelves (either plastic or steel), dust covers or even cool insulated covers. 

Additional Information

Prestar Nesting Cage Trolleys offer a unique folding design for easy storage!

Move heavy loads around any workplace with our foldable and highly flexible Nesting Cage Trolleys. Equipped with a durable design, they can transport capacities up to 500 kg both comfortably and quickly. When not in use, pack and fold the trolley away for storage convenience. Each unit comes in a standard design with four swivel rubber castors (two of which have brakes). Optional extras are available like covers and extra shelves, and the trolley can come fully enclosed with a door or as a lockable unit.


  • Nesting ability helps save space and store cages when not in use.
  • High volume capacity.
  • Easy to move around any workplace.
  • Lightweight and high impact plastic base.
  • Unique castor design with minimal rolling resistance.
  • Baked enamel finish.
  • Optional enclosed cage with door is available.
  • Available in two sizes; either 300 kg or 500 kg capacity.

Nesting Cage Trolleys side by side

BWL2 Specifications: 

  • Capacity – 300 kg
  • Unit Weight – 43 kg
  • Castors – 4 Swivel (2 with brake, 125 mm rubber)
  • Dimensions (Assembled) –
    • Exterior: 800 x 600 x 1600 mm
    • Interior: 640 x 570 x 1360 mm

BWL6 Specifications: 

  • Capacity – 500 kg
  • Unit Weight – 54 kg
  • Castors – 4 Swivel (2 with brake, 150 mm rubber)
  • Dimensions (Assembled) –
    • Exterior: 1100 x 800 x 1700 mm
    • Interior: 1040 x 770 x 1460 mm

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Nesting Cage Trolley with Doors
800 x 600 x 1600mm tall


Nesting Cage Trolley
800 x 600 x 1600mm tall


Nesting Cage Trolley with Doors
800 x 600 x 1600mm tall


Nesting Cage Trolley
1100 x 800 x 1700mm tall


Nesting Cage Trolley with Doors
1100 x 800 x 1700mm tall


Security Style Nesting Cage Trolley
1100 x 800 x 1700mm tall


Plastic Shelf for BWL2 or BWL2D trolley


Plastic Shelf for BWL6 trolley


Steel Shelf for BWL2 or BWL2D Ttolley


Steel Shelf for BWL6 trolley


Dust cover for BWL2 or BWL2D


Dust cover for BWL6 or BWL6D trolley


Cool insulated cover for BWL2 or BLW2D trolleys


Cool insulated cover for BWL6 or BLW6D trolley


Hitch kit for all nesting trolleys
Allows towing by powered devices


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