Beam Clamps

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Girder Clamps allow a chain block or hoist to be suspended safely from a girder, large iron or steel beam. As an engineered clamping solution, they safely and conveniently attach components. This removes the need for drilling or on-site welding, as the clamps are quick to install and easy to reposition.

Complying to relevant Australian Standards, this type of hoisting equipment is ideal for maintenance tasks. Girder Clamps are used for a wide variety of applications – including construction, manufacturing, processing, fabrication, job shops, mining and general engineering. The clamp eliminates any potentially dangerous practice, like the use of a wire or rope when looped over the girder. Additionally, the jaws of the clamp shut over the girder flange securely.

Additional Information

Girder Clamps are a great manual hoisting solution. 

Simple and easy to install, these clamps are finished in a durable electrolastic enamel finish and high-quality cast iron. They feature a single-threaded adjustment pin for simple and easy positioning. Girder Clamps support capacities up to 10 tonnes, and headroom decreases as beam width are increased.

Standard Features: 
  • Used in a variety of applications.
  • Complies with relevant Australian Standards (AS 4991:2004).
  • Easy and quick to install and reposition.
  • Manufactured in a high-quality cast iron, with an enamel finish.
  • Features a single-threaded adjustment pin.
  • Capacities of up to 10 tonnes.
  • Headroom decreases as beam width is increased.

Girder Clamp Open

Technical Specifications: 
Capacity Beam Range (mm) Headroom (min./mm) Headroom (max./mm) Suspension pin dia. (mm) Weight (kg)
1 tonne 65-230 78 135 20.3 4.8
2 tonne 65-230 78 135 20.3 5.5
3 tonne 100-250 100 160 22.1 11.8
5 tonne 100-320 119 159 40.0 16.0
10 tonne 130-320 150 205 53.0 31.0

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

1 tonne girder clamp
Suit flange width 65-230mm


2 tonne girder clamp
Suit flange width 65-230mm


3 tonne girder clamp
Suit flange width 100-250mm


5 tonne girder clamp
Suit flange width 100-320mm


10 tonne girder clamp
Suit flange width 130-320mm


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