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Platform Steps – Corrosion Proof

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Corrosion Proof Step Platforms provide portable access and working at height safety for some of the harshest and most challenging environments. Constructed from stainless steel and fibreglass, they are suitable for corrosive and electrical work. Their unique design features a strongbox joining system for strength and stability, and each system can be quickly set in one single action.

These ladders are completely Australian-made. Their fold-down ability makes them easy to store and portable between location or worksites. Equipped with a large stainless steel deck, users can stand securely and have greater comfort when moving. With no timber, aluminium or steel components, these ladders suit many work areas.

Our MFPS range of ladders features a range of models to suit varying requirements.

Additional Information

Corrosion Proof Step Platforms are lightweight and portable. 

These ladders are easily stored, thanks to their unique foldable ability. This provides convenience, especially when transporting or putting away the item. Their large reinforced, stainless steel deck supports up to 150 kg and users can move freely across the slip-free surface. Meeting and surpassing expectations, our Step Platform Ladders have a fibreglass patented box rail construction, with fibreglass rungs and a front safety rail.

  • Portable and foldable step platform ladder.
  • Suitable for challenging corrosive environments and electrical work.
  • Fibreglass construction with a large 316 stainless steel deck.
  • Load rated to 150 kg.
  • Durable to use and lightweight to carry.
  • Slip-free, reinforced platform deck.
  • Unique construction allows for single-person set up, portability and easy storage.
  • Strongbox joining system and patented box rail construction ensures strength and stability.
  • No water absorption.
  • Front safety rail situated at 900 mm above deck.
  • Australian made.
Corrosion Proof Step Platforms Foldable

Folding and portable

Corrosion Proof Step Platforms Slip Free Surface

Slip-Free Stainless Surface

Corrosion Proof Step Platforms Treads

Easy to climb treads

Corrosion Proof Ladder patented joints

Patented durable joints


Model Platform Height Open Height Closed Height Front to Rear Spread Weight Load Rating
MFPS06 0.6 m 1.5 m 1.68 m 0.98 m 19.5 kg 150 kg
MFPS09 0.9 m 1.8 m 1.98 m 1.10 m 22.5 kg 150 kg
MFPS12 1.2 m 2.1 m 2.28 m 1.23 m 25.5 kg 150 kg
MFPS15 1.5 m 2.4 m 2.58 m 1.35 m 28.5 kg 150 kg
MFPS18 1.8 m 2.7 m 2.88 m 1.48 m 31.5 kg 150 kg
MFPS21 2.1 m 3.0 m 3.18 m 1.60 m 36.0 kg 150 kg
2.4 m 3.3 m 3.48 m 1.73 m 39.0 kg 150 kg
3.0 m 3.9 m 4.08 m 1.98 m 45.0 kg 150 kg
3.6 m 4.5 m 4.68 m 2.23 m 51.0 kg 150 kg

MH Corrosion Proof Step Platforms Range 1

MH Corrosion Proof Step Platforms Range 2

The MFPS range of ladders can be equipped with accessories to enhance safety benefits. Some include rail and platform options for user protection, specialised castors and wheel kits for increased mobility, footplates for ladder stability, and customised company branding for ladder identification when in use.

Accessories Rail and Platform Front Split Rail

Front Split Rail allows user to step off the platform safely

Accessories Rail and Platform Rear Safety Rail

Rear Safety Rail prevents the user from stepping backwards

Accessories Castor and Wheel Lever Actuated Castors

Lever Actuated Castors

Accessories Castor and Wheel Outdoor Wheel Kit

Outdoor Wheel Kit

Accessories Feet Stainless Steel Foot Plates set of 4 round

Stainless Steel Foot Plates (set of 4 – round)

Accessories Other Company Mark

Company Mark

Accessories Other Ladder Tag ID

Ladder Tag ID

Require a single ladder for your application?

Browse our Corrosion Proof Ladders, which offer similar safety benefits as these Step Platforms.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

0.6m platform height


0.9m platform height


1.8m platform height


1.2m platform height


1.5m platform height


2.1m platform height


2.4m platform height


3.0m platform height


3.6m platform height


Lever Actuated Castors (Set of 4) – stainless


Split Front Rail MFPS


Outdoor Wheel Kit – All Legs


Retractable Safety Rail- Stainless


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