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Ladders – Corrosion Proof

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Corrosion Proof Ladders are an excellent choice for environments with challenging elements (like water, salt or chemicals). Not only are they a lightweight climbing solution, but these ladders are all-weather resistant, electrically safe and extremely durable. Constructed from stainless steel and fibreglass, their handy design makes them easy to position.

Some environments are too harsh for regular ladders. Instead, our Corrosion Proof range handles tough and rough situations. With no timber to rot, no aluminium to corrode and no mild steel to rust, they provide peace of mind so your workplace can focus on the task at hand and have equipment built to last.

These single ladders are designed to provide world-class safety, customer satisfaction and a reliable solution. Our MFNF range has models that reach 5.4 m.

Additional Information

Corrosion Proof Ladders are proven in harsh environments! 

With fibreglass rungs, stainless steel and a patented box rail construction, our Corrosion Proof Ladders ensure their safety and superiority. Not only do they comply with relevant standards and regulations, but they meet and exceed user expectations. Our ladders suit all challenging environments and are electrically safe. They also have a swivel foot, which maximises grip on uneven ground and support up to 150 kg.


  • Suits several challenging environments where water, salt or chemicals are present.
  • Fibreglass stiles with patented box rail construction.
  • All-weather resistant and electrically safe.
  • Lightweight design that is easy to move and position.
  • Outstanding durability.
  • Dramatic reduction in sway and twist.
  • Swivel foot maximises grip on uneven ground.
  • Load capacity of up to 150 kg.
  • Complies to relevant ladder standards.
Feature Corrosion Proof Ladders

Fibreglass rungs

Corrosion Proof Ladder patented joints

Patented durable joints


Model Height Weight Load Rating
MFNF24 Fly: 2.465 m / Base: 2.420 m Fly: 6.2 kg / Base: 6.6 kg 150 kg
MFNF30 Fly: 3.075 m / Base: 3.030 m Fly: 7.9 kg / Base: 8.3 kg 150 kg
MFNF36 Fly: 3.685 m / Base: 3.640 m Fly: 9.6 kg / Base: 9.9 kg 150 kg
MFNF42 Fly: 4.295 m / Base: 4.250 m Fly: 12.8 kg / Base: 13.3 kg 150 kg
MFNF48 Fly: 4.905 m / Base: 4.860 m Fly: 14.6 kg / Base: 15 kg 150 kg
MFNF54 Fly: 5.515 m / Base: 5.470 m Fly: 16 kg / Base: 16.5 kg 150 kg

Corrision Proof Ladders MFNF Range copy

For each ladder, customised accessories can help maximise features, grip, stability and safety. They can also allow for easy identification of the ladder or company ownership, especially when the ladder is in use or transit.  Ladders can be mounted onto walls, tanks or containers for easy access and storage. Please let our sales team know if you’d like to add any additional accessories to your preferred model.

Accessories Feet Swivel Feet

Swivel Feet

Accessories Feet Grab Bar between Swivel Foot

Grab Bar between Swivel Foot

Accessories Other Company Mark

Company Mark

Accessories Other Ladder Tag ID

Ladder Tag ID

Accessories Other Tie Down Bar

Tie Down Bar

Accessories Other Wall Bracket 370 mm

Wall Bracket 370 mm

Accessories Other Wall Bracket 450 mm

Wall Bracket 450 mm

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Height 2400mm


Height 3000mm


Height 3600mm


Height 4200mm


Height 4800mm


Height 5400mm


Height 6000mm


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