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Single Sided Ladders

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Single Sided Ladders offer great stability and strength. Used on industrial work sites, they are ideal for access tasks, including heavy-duty trade activities, DIY jobs and commercial applications.

The ladders are available in either aluminium or a fibreglass construction. They offer superior strength, despite their lightweight functionality. All Single Sided Ladders feature a load rating up to 150 kg.

Their patented punch-lock tread design increases the frames overall torsional rigidity. Both ladder types are equipped with anti-slip feet for safety, allowing them to grip on any surface. They are also manufactured in accordance with relevant Australian and New Zealand standards.



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Professional Single Sided Ladders for superior industrial duties!

Our ladders are designed for a variety of warehouse and industry applications. Available in a number of sizes, heights and weights, it is easy to choose the right ladder for your requirements.

Aluminium Singled Sided Ladders:

  • Durable, strong and lightweight
  • Industrial Duty Rated
  • Aluminium Construction
  • Punchlock tread design and deep fascia caps increase frame strength
  • Anti-slip feet for added safety
Product Code Description Size Max. Height Weight
SFS13380 Pro AL SS 6 150 kg 1.8 m 3.2 m 6.6 kg
SFS13441 Pro AL SS 6 150 kg 2.1 m 3.5 m 7.8 kg
SFS13381 Pro AL SS 6 150 kg 2.4 m 3.8 m 8.9 kg
SDS13382 Pro AL SS 6 150 kg 3.0 m 4.4 m 14.1 kg
SFS13383 Pro AL SS 6 150 kg 3.6 m 5.0 m 19.2 kg

Single Sided Ladders Aluminium


Fibreglass Singled Sided Ladders:

  • Non-conductivity, durable and stable
  • Industrial Duty Rated
  • Fibreglass Construction
  • Punchlock tread design and deep fascia caps increase frame strength
  • Internal spreader arms; heavy duty steel, cross braced. Available on models 1.8 to 3.6 m.
  • Anti-slip rubber boots provide grip on any surface and protect ladder profile
Product Code Description Size Max. Height Weight
SFS10490 Pro FG RFSS 3 150 kg 0.9 m 2.3 m 4.5 kg
SFS10491 Pro FG RFSS 4 150 kg 1.2 m 2.6 m 5.5 kg
SFS10492 Pro FG RFSS 6 150 kg 1.8 m 3.2 m 8.8 kg
SDS10493 Pro FG RFSS 7 150 kg 2.1 m 3.5 m 9.8 kg
SFS10494 Pro FG RFSS 8 150 kg 2.4 m 3.8 m 11.6 kg
SFS10495 Pro FG RFSS 10 150 kg 3.0 m 4.4 m 17.1 kg
SFS10496 Pro FG RFSS 12 150 kg 3.6 m 5.0 m 20.9 kg


Single Sided Ladders Fibreglass

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Pro Aluminium SS6 150kg Ind Punchlock – 1.8m


Pro Aluminium SS7 150kg Ind Punchlock – 2.1m


Pro Aluminium SS8 150kg Ind Punchlock – 2.4m


Pro Aluminium SS10 150kg Ind Punchlock – 3.0m


Pro Aluminium SS12 150kg Ind Punchlock – 3.6m


Pro Fibreglass RFSS 3 150kg Ind Punchlock – 0.9m


Pro Fibreglass RFSS 4 150kg Ind Punchlock – 1.2m


Pro Fibreglass RFSS 6 150kg Ind Punchlock – 1.8m


Pro Fibreglass RFSS 7 150kg Ind Punchlock – 2.1m


Pro Fibreglass RFSS 8 150kg Ind Punchlock – 2.4m


Pro Fibreglass RFSS 10 150kg Ind Punchlock – 3.0m


Pro Fibreglass RFSS 12 150kg Ind Punchlock – 3.6m


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