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Single Ladders

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Our Single Ladders offer superior strength and durability. Designed for trade work and commercial use, they feature a range of benefits that ensures their professional and industrial use.

Available in aluminium or a fibreglass construction, single ladders can be used on work sites where safety and support is required. The aluminium option has a load rating of 150 kg. Alternatively, the fibreglass models support up to 130 kg.

Made in accordance with relevant Australian standards of safety, the ladders have flat ‘D’ shaped rungs for secure footing and stability. Their anti-slip rubber feet reinforce the plates for protection against a number of surfaces. On the fibreglass model, the anti-slip feature is a rubber boot that encases the bottom of the ladder protecting the structure.


Additional Information

Our professional Punchlock Single Ladders allow you to access heights safely!

The Single Ladders come in a variety of sizes with varying reaching heights to suit different applications. The Aluminium option is a heavy duty construction that’s extra strong. Fibreglass single ladders are designed for electrical industries for tradesmen who require and non-conductive option.

Aluminium Single Ladders: 

  • Industrial duty rated
  • 150 kg load rating
  • Extra strong aluminium construction (XHD stiles and treads)
  • Flat ‘D’ shaped rungs for secure footing
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
Single Ladders - Aluminium

Single Ladders – Aluminium

Code Description Size Max. Height Weight
SFS13614 Pro Single 7 150 kg 2.44 m (8) 3.44 m 5.5 kg
SFS13615 Pro Single 9 150 kg 3.05 m (10) 4.05 m 7.0 kg
SFS13616 Pro Single 11 150 kg 3.66 m (12) 4.66 m 8.3 kg
SFS13617 Pro Single 13 150 kg 4.27 m (14) 5.27 m 10.9 kg
SFS13618 Pro Single 15 150 kg 4.88 m (16) 5.88 m 12.6 kg
SFS13619 Pro Single 17 150 kg 5.49 m (18) 6.49 m 14.0 kg
SFS13620 Pro Single 19 150 kg 6.10 m (20) 7.10 m 15.6 kg


Fibreglass Single Ladders: 

  • Industrial duty rated
  • 130 kg load rating
  • Strong fibreglass construction
  • Flat ‘D’ shaped rungs for secure footing
  • Anti-slip rubber boots (protects stiles)
  • Best suited to electrical applications as it’s non-conductive
Single Ladder - Fibreglass

Single Ladder – Fibreglass

Code Description Size Max. Height Weight
SFS20334 FSS 10 3.18 m (10) 4.18 m 8.3 kg
SFS20335 FSS 12 3.79 m (12) 4.79 m 9.5 kg
SFS20336 FSS 14 4.40 m (14) 5.4 m 11.7 kg
SFS20337 FSS 16 5.01 m (16) 6.01 m 13.2 kg

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Pro Aluminium Single 7 150kg Ind Punchlock


Pro Aluminium Single 9 150kg Ind Punchlock


Pro Aluminium Single 11 150kg Ind Punchlock


Pro Aluminium Single 13 150kg Ind Punchlock


Pro Aluminium Single 15 150kg Ind Punchlock


Pro Aluminium Single 17 150kg Ind Punchlock


Pro Aluminium Single 19 150kg Ind Punchlock


Pro Fibreglass FSS10 Single 130kg Ind Punchlock – 3.0m


Pro Fibreglass FSS12 Single 130kg Ind Punchlock – 3.6m


Pro Fibreglass FSS14 Single 130kg Ind Punchlock – 4.2m


Pro Fibreglass FSS16 Single 130kg Ind Punchlock – 5.0m


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