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Access Platforms – Modular

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Our Modular Access Systems are an extended working platform that can be configured to varying heights. These innovative and lightweight solutions are so functional, that they allow the user the ability to customise the platform to suit the desired application.

Using the well known Mobile Access Platforms as a foundation, step platforms (with 3 to 7 steps) can be added. This means a user can configure an unlimited, expandable platform length with a variable height. This off the shelf solution reduces lengthy supply times and ensures there are no exorbitant investment costs.

Commonly used in a range of industries, Modular Access Systems adapt to Manufacturing, Process, Transportation, Aviation, Heavy Equipment Maintenance, Materials Handling / Stock Picking, Warehousing and Mining Service duties.

Additional Information

Think Innovation when you choose Modular Access Systems!

These working systems are suited to high-frequency use. They are lightweight to use and can be easily moved around a workplace. The system features removable, lock-in handrails for egress and foot-operated ‘total-brake’ castors for stability. Fabricated from heavy-duty aluminium, they are exceptionally strong with a fully welded design. All Modular Access Systems are made in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards for safety.

Each platform module is 170 kg load rated. They are perfect for both uses on industrial and commercial sites. Each system is supplied as a flat pack for optimal transportation. Standard sized fasteners and tools are included for easy assembly, as well as comprehensive picture-based instructions.

Modular Access Platforms Specifications: 

Code Model Type Nominal Standing Height Max. Reach Height. Unit Weight
SFS13789 1.0 m Platform N/A N/A 16.5 kg
SFS13790 2.0 m Platform N/A N/A 31.0 kg
SFS13791 3 Step Upright 828 mm 2.8 m 7.9 kg
SFS13792 4 Step Upright 1104 mm 3.1 m 8.5 kg
SFS13793 5 Step Upright 1381 mm 3.4 m 9.2 kg
SFS13794 6 Step Upright 1656 mm 3.7 m 10.0 kg
SFS13591 3 Step Access Platform 828 mm 2.8 m 38.1 kg
SFS13592 4 Step Access Platform 1104 mm 3.1 m 40.6 kg
SFS13593 5 Step Access Platform 1381 mm 3.4 m 43.0 kg
SFS13594 6 Step Access Platform 1656 mm 3.7 m 46.0 kg

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Modular Access System 1.0m Platform


Modular Access System 2.0m Platform


Modular Access System 3 Step Upright


Modular Access System 4 Step Upright


Modular Access System 5 Step Upright


Modular Access System 6 Step Upright


Mobile Access Platform 3 step 170kg


Mobile Access Platform 4 step 170kg


Mobile Access Platform 5 step 170kg


Mobile Access Platform 6 step 170kg


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