Bariatric Wheel Chair, Battery Powered

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Rollee is a Battery Powered Bariatric Wheel Chair mover. Carer Controlled, it can propel heavy patients across carpet or up ramps smoothly, safely and effortlessly. There are three models available, all with 350kg capacity.

Carers can now transport patients easily around hallways and up and down ramps, without the fear of injury or physical strain. These benefits dramatically reduce the chance of injury claims and are seen to be a very proactive and public way of making the workplace safer and happier.



Additional Information

An ideal emergency department transporting wheelchair!
Patient transport is a physically demanding task. Internal hospital studies have shown, patient transport as a high risk activity contributing to back strain and injury of staff.Carers are reporting injuries through the cumulative result of small strains and over exertion being built up over many years. The current Healthcare environment sees more extensive and expansive hospitals, more ramps and longer internal patient journeys to specialist services.

Bigger, heavier and more numerous patients with shorter stay times requiring more acute levels of care. Patients are more dependent than ever on carers for mobility.
Just one back injury can cost $40,000 or more in claims, lost time and replacement staff.

The New Rollee carer controlled electric wheelchair with precise joystick control a variable speed button and automatic security brake makes patient transport smooth and easy.  With Rollee we bring the confidence and assurance of reliability and a worthwhile OH&S investment to your workplace.

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Rollee wheel chair 610mm wide


Rollee wheel chair 660mm wide


IV Pole Holder


Oxy Bottle Holder


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