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Cagemate is a battery-powered platform trolley capable of handling heavy loads with ease! The platform has a cargo cage and a lift-off panel on each side. The large-diameter drive wheels are at the front end of the trolley to create good traction on any surface. It features variable speed control, a back-off belly-button switch and reversing beeper.

Turnmate is very similar to the Cagemate however the drive wheels are in the centre of the trolley to allow it to turn and pivot on the spot! Excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces, lifts, aisles, offices, warehouses, hospitals and healthcare.

Supplied complete with batteries and a smart charger. Each has a lever to disengage the drive and allow the trolley to be used in manual mode.


Additional Information

All functions are actioned from the control console mounted on the handle. The controls include a key switch that allows the device to be turned off and locked to prevent unwanted operation. A battery gauge allows the operator to constantly monitor the battery level. The trolley is fitted with an intelligent electronic controller that monitors all the device signal inputs and operator control signals. The controller is always monitoring the connection of all items in the circuit and is capable of self-diagnosing any faulty components. A red LED is illuminated in the centre of the console to confirm the power is on and that no faults are present.

The trolley remains still and parked when the trolley is switched off or the battery power is disconnected (charging for example). This is due to the electronic braking feature that is always applied in a safety scenario. It is possible to release the electronic brake using a small lever fitted to the drive axle. This allows the trolley to be manually pushed as opposed to using the power drive function. It is possible to manually push the trolley for short periods by pushing a button on the side of the control console. This is an electronic release of the brake and allows the operator the opportunity to push the trolley manually when required (precise positioning for example). Powered Platform TrolleysHuman Machine Interface
The forward and reverse drive functions are controlled using the red ‘thumb wheel’ throttle controls while the maximum speed can be adjusted using the speed limit dial on the top face. The maximum speed is equal to a brisk walking pace. The operator always has control over the speed due to the throttle design. If the operator lets go of the throttle the trolley will come to a stop quickly but not abruptly. The electric brake will then be applied and the trolley will remain stationary for complete safety. The front face of the console is fitted with a large red E-stop that serves as a belly-button for safety. Should the operator find themselves wedged between the trolley and an object (a wall for example) the belly-button will stop the reverse travel and prevent the operator from being pinned by the trolley.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Powered Drive Platform Trolley
500kg capacity
1200 x 600mm platform


Powered Drive Platform Trolley
Drive axle centre-mounted for zero turn steering
500kg capacity
1200 x 600mm platform


Powered Platform Trolley
500kg capacity
1200 x 600mm platform


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