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Let our lifting equipment products handle the heavy lifting items for you. Reduce manual handling risks by introducing load lift equipment that can carry twice the load. View our entire range including crane lifting, mechanical lifting and scissor lift appliances to ensure you’re working efficiently and effectively.

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Manual handling strains and injuries are the most reported concerns in all organisations.  With workers struggling to keep up with demand, the simple mistake of moving heavy items outside of load restrictions can have serious effects. Our range of lifting equipment ensures that work procedures can be optimised and business expenses can be reduced.

Lifting equipment for products carries the burden for you. Its goal is to make your workload and tasks physically easier, increasing safety and manual handling ergonomics.  These products can be designed to hold, rotate, move, manipulate, lift and tilt goods to desired locations.

Thanks to our wide selection of products, we can solve any lifting or handling problem you have, and can even customise a solution for you. Our variety of lifting equipment include Air/Hand/Electric Hoists, Overhead Drum Lifting, Goods Cages, Forklift Jibs, Intelligent Lift Assists, Jib Cranes, Lifting Attachments, Lightweight Crane Systems, Load Restraints/Rotators, Magnetic Lifters, Ladder Lifts, Manipulator Arms and Vacuum Lifting Devices (to name a few).  Provide relief for workers and ensure maximum on site safety with these products.

When lifting heavy objects consider how the item should be moved, where it needs to be located, how heavy it is, its value, shape and material.  We can help you sort out the rest and customise a solution according to your needs – contact a consultant today.


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