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Wire Rope Pull Lift Winches

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Wire Rope Pulling Hoists are lever operated hand winches offering a light weight, strong performance and substantial operating life with the added advantages of lower operator effort and less rope wear. They are designed to be operated by one person to perform tasks such as lifting, pulling and general movement of loads. Small, compact and light weight, Pull Lift Winches can be easily transported and used for many applications. They are an absolute boon for the construction, mining, electricity, communications and transport industries, rescue and armed forces units. There are no aluminium components so they are suitable for use in mines. They have a double galvanised finish for protection and tough environments. 


Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Capacity pull/lift (kg) 1250/800
Wire Reels 20m x 80mm


Wire Rope Pulling Hoist Rope Only


Capacity pull/lift (kg) 2500/1600
Wire Reels 20m x 110mm


Wire Rope Pulling Hoist Rope Only


Capacity pull/lift (kg) 5000/3200
Wire Reels 20m x 160mm


Wire Rope Pulling Hoist Rope Only


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