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WALL-MAN® Pneumatic Personnel Access Platforms-Wall Mounted

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WALL-MAN® platforms are pneumatically operated access systems. They are ideal for hazardous and flammable environments. These units are manufactured in a standard or customised design. They are controlled three-dimensionally (up/down, left/right, in/out) and improve the safety and efficiency during many applications where easy height access is required. This includes welding, inspection, painting, masking, sand-blasting, etc. There are two models the standard WALL-MAN® for 1 person per platform and the XL model for 2 persons per platform. 

Installation is simple and little maintenance is needed. This device will increase productivity, operator safety and it is a cost-effective solution to many tasks.

One area where the WALL-MAN® unit can be fully utilised is paint spray booths. If mounted on side-walls, the WALL-MAN® can increase access for the entire work space and ultimately leave the floor free. This is an optimal working position as it improves the finish quality and decreases worker fatigue or strain injuries. Transfer efficiency is increased and overspray in spray booths is reduced.

Additional Information

This product is suitable for a number of industries including:

  • Commercial vehicles, trucks, light rail manufacturing and body shops
  • Bus, transit authorities, coach and repair shops
  • Rail industry (including rail repairs)
  • Earth-moving equipment
  • Agriculture equipment (paint shops)
  • Aircraft, aerospace and defence industries (i.e., ground equipment and helicopters)
  • Other options where safe working heights is essential

The main advantages of the WALL-MAN® are:

  • Improved working environments that are safer and more productive
  • Ideal for hazardous and flammable environments
  • Entirely pneumatically operated
  • Cost effective solution with improved and quality finishes (i.e., paint spray booths example)
  • Can be mounted on the wall for three-dimensional movement and no-contact operation
  • Payload of 150kg (1 person + 1 equipment) and 250kg (2 persons & equipment) for XL model.
  • Working area of 6.5m from floor, 2.5m from wall
  • Simple installation
  • Controls and air supply points included inside the cage, with safety operation and devices.

We also recommend our LIFT-MAN™ as a companion to the WALL-MAN®. This unit is fully movable, without tracks which make it incredibly easy to manoeuvre into any working position.


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