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LIFT-MAN™ – Pneumatic Personnel Access Platform-Mobile

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LIFT-MAN™ access platform is the perfect partner to the WALL-MAN® device. Masking, sanding, smaller repair jobs and sign-writing/decal application are usual LIFT-MAN™ tasks. Both the WALL-MAN® and LIFT-MAN™ are simple to function and improve productiveness in the workplace. They save time by up to 50%. There is also a new  LIFT-MAN™ folding version. The folding function enables passage through lower doors etc. See the PDF below.

These devices are entirely pneumatically operated. They are fully mobile, with self-centring steering and the driving is independent of height. The LIFT-MAN™ inhabits a small working space. The working height ranges up to 10 metres from the connecting point. Controls and air supply points are incorporated inside the cage. We supply and deliver these units fully assembled and ready for use.

Additional Information

Product Specifications:

  • Lifting Height:  Platform Height 2750mm; Work height 4750mm
  • Lifting Controls:  Hand-lever valve in cage
  • Driving Controls:  Foot pedal on cage floor
  • Steering Controls:  Hand lever valve in cage
  • Air supply:  Min. 6 bar, min. 350 l/minute supplied via a hose on a self-retracting reel in the base. A compressed air outlet for air tools is provided in the cage.

We recommend you also preview our WALL-MAN® pneumatic access platform as well. These products are a reflection of our support for safe and ergonomic work environments. They provide access to a complete work area, whilst leaving majority of the floor space free for other use.


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