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Walk Behind Turbo Sweepers

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Walk Behind Turbo Sweepers provide incredible sweeping efficiency and intelligent performance. As a great portable and flexible cleaning solution, they are ideal for use in factories, warehouses, production halls, sidewalks, workshops, car parks and other similar environments.

Their unique, turbo design allows the system to sweep twice during one pass. The disc brushes are driven by gears and protrude on either side of the device to efficiently gather waste and materials. When initiated, the two circular brooms remove dirt from the floor and the additional sweeping roll collects the excess dirt into the rear-mounted collection bin. This innovative design ensures no leftover dirt is left behind.

As a commercial sweeper, Walk Behind Turbo Sweepers offers quick-action cleaning. They are beneficial in facilitating effective waste and production management.


Additional Information

Walk Behind Turbo Sweepers improve production and waste management in any workplace!

Walk Behind Turbo Sweepers guarantee cleanliness with their fast and efficient sweeping action. Collected contents can be easily disposed of and the unit folds away for storage or transportation. Each sweeper is able to gather fine and coarse dirt, wet and dry leaves, stones, waste materials and even empty cans! They sweep away items in such a way that no traces are left. The device also cleans asphalt, paved stone, concrete, floors and tiles. Available in either manual or battery-powered operation, there is a handheld sweeper suitable for every application.


  • Commercial sweeper.
  • Perfect for a variety of applications and is able to clean surfaces as well as collect various materials. This improves disposal methods and waste management.
  • Equipped with a high performing, efficient sweeping turbo system.
  • User-friendly operation with an adjustable push handle.
  • Brushes are driven by gears; no belts to warp or deteriorate.
  • Disc brushes protrude on either side of the device for greater cleaning performance.
  • Infinite variable height adjustment.
  • Can be easily folded away for vertical space-saving storage or transported in a vehicle.
  • The waste container can be removed and easily emptied.
  • Special air duct system with dust filter and sealing system for almost dust-free sweeping.
  • All brushes are drive with long-lasting and smooth-running gears.
  • Sweeps both wet and dry materials.
  • Available as either manually operated or battery powered.


Code Cleaning Width Performance Container Volume Weight
M355 55 cm 1600 m2/h 20 litres 7.2 kg
M770 77 cm 2900 m2/h 50 litres 15 kg
M970 97 cm 3600 m2/h 50 litres 15 kg

The brush drive on the specified models is manually operated. Electrically battery-powered models are also available. This assists large areas that require vast cleaning operations.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Sweeping Width (mm) 550
Capacity (m²/h) 1600


Sweeping Width (mm) 770
Capacity (m²/h) 2860


Sweeping Width (mm) 970
Capacity (m²/h) 3600


Sweeping Width (mm) 770
Capacity (m²/h) 4200
Battery operated broom


Sweeping Width (mm) 970
Capacity (m²/h) 4200
Battery operated broom


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