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Vacuum Cleaner Pneumatic AIRO-VAC

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Our AIRO-VAC air vacuum systems are heavy-duty cleaners able to collect a wide range of materials. With a robust industrial design for vacuum clean-up, they are ideal for the recovery of abrasive blasting materials including cement dust, gravel, building materials, waste food products, and powder coating / sand blasting recovery. AIRO-VAC air vacuum devices can be used for both wet and dry pickup. If used in a wet environment, removal of the filter cartridge is required and it should be replaced with an integrated float ball valve kit.

Place the complete AIRO-VAC lid assembly on a 205-litre steel drum and “hey presto” the empty drum is converted into an extremely powerful vacuum system. Powered by compressed air these units are basically maintenance-free. Only the filter cartridge needs to be changed.

There are four models in the range with each model capable of producing a strong air vacuum to collect dense materials. The 100CFM version is a powerful device with excellent vacuum flow. The 200CFM is double the power, using dual vacuum heads to generate twice the vacuum power for very heavy applications. Each version can be chosen to work together with 38mm or 50mm ID vacuum hose depending on the application.

Each device is available in an anti-static version and also an explosion-proof version for hazardous environments.


Additional Information

A powerful cleaning tool!

Using the venturi principle, AIRO-VAC machines are able to produce up to 3 times more power than a 15 amp, 3000-watt electric vacuum cleaner! Simply connect compressed air to the AIRO-VAC, turn the handle on the air inlet valve and you are at work! Each model is available with either a 38 or 50 mm suction hose. A cloth bag over the filter element is also available that is designed to increase the lifetime of the filter element.

Users can select their required length of vacuum hose, along with crevice tools, round brushes, gulper wands or order ready-to-go kits. Any vacuum tooling designed to fit 38mm and 50mm suction hose will work together with the AIRO-VAC.
To purchase the vacuum lid assembly individually, (minus the drum and drum dolly) exchange the code suffix below from “K” to “H”.

Ready to Go Kit Consists of:

  • 1 x Vacuum Generating Head (100CFM single head or 200CFM dual head)
  • 1 x Liquid shut-off valve (float ball)
  • 10m Vacuum Hose (38 or 50mm)
  • 1 x Wet/Dry Floor tool with 1200mm wand
  • 1 x Crevice Tool (38 or 50mm)
  • 1 x Gulper Wand (38 or 50mm)
  • 1 x 205 litre Steel Drum
  • 1 x Castor Base (Drum dolly)

When working with combustible dust, flammable or otherwise dangerous substances, or materials with a tendency to build static electricity during conveyance it is strongly advised to choose one of the anti-static, explosion-proof/dust ignition-proof pneumatic vacuum cleaners.

HEPA Filtration
Standard cartridge filters are supplied with the units but High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter cartridges are available for toxic applications.

Require an alternative solution?
For alternative waste disposal products, view our Vacuum Systems range.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

AIRO-VAC 100 cfm x 38mm Wet/dry Kit


AIRO-VAC 100 cfm x 50mm Wet/dry Kit


AIRO-VAC 200 cfm x 38mm Wet/dry Kit


AIRO-VAC 200 cfm x 50mm Wet/dry Kit


AIRO-VAC 205L x 100 cfm x 38mm Lid Assembly


AIRO-VAC 205L x 100 cfm x 50mm Lid Assembly


AIRO-VAC 205L x 200 cfm x 38mm Lid Assembly


AIRO-VAC 205L x 200 cfm x 50mm Lid Assembly


Air Hose assembly
19mm x 20m with 3/4″ Type A Claw fittings at each end


50mm Hose Coupler/Joiner


50mm Crevice Tool Chrome Steel


50mm Hose Elbow Adapter


300mm Wet/Dry Floor Tool


50mm Wand 1200mm long (2pc) Steel


300mm Wet/Dry Floor Tool with 1200mm (2 piece) Wand 50mm


50mm Gulper Wand


Liquid Shut Off Valve


Standard Filter Element


Cloth Internal Filter Bag


Spring Set [set of three]


38mm Hose Coupler/Joiner


150mm Utility Tool with Brush Aluminium


38mm Crevice Tool Aluminum


125mm Round Brush Tool 38mm


300mm Bristle Floor Tool 38mm Aluminum


300mm Squeegee Floor Tool 38mm Aluminum


1200mm (2pc) Steel Wand 38mm


300mm Wet/Dry Floor Tool with 1200mm (2 piece) Wand 38mm


38mm Gulper Wand


300mm Wet/Dry Floor Tool


HEPA Filter Cartridge


1380mm Wand Extension 38mm


1380mm Wand Extension W/Coupler 38mm


Overhead Extension Kit:
Aluminium extension wand 1370mm with coupler
Pipe Cleaning Tool for 100-150mm diameter pipes
Pipe Cleaning Tool for >150mm diameter pipes
Utility brush 150mm wide
Utility brush 125mm diameter


Suction supply hose 38mm ID


Suction supply hose 50mm ID


Steel Drum Dolly – Black
Capacity: 400kg


Steel 205L open head drum no lid WHITE

P205OH $205.00

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