V-Move Electric Tugs & Tow Tractors

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Pedestrian electric tugs enable you to easily move and accurately manoeuvre trailers, carts and trolleys over a level or sloping surfaces. They are used mainly to bridge short distances.

Because of their robust engine, the V-MOVE electric powered tug may be deployed on both hard and soft surfaces. They can be on the work floor, in the factory, in airports and many other locations. It can pull an air plane from a hangar, park a horse trailer, move luggage trolleys and put containers on their place in a factory store. You’ll never need to physically push or pull a trailer again.

The V-MOVE electric tug range enables you to rapidly manoeuvre any load on wheels without physical effort. They can function for an entire shift on a single battery. They have no emissions, quiet, strong and easy to operate. Capacities are from 1.3 to 40 tonne.

Ride-on and Stand-on electric tow devices are designed for longer distances. These machines are used at auctions, manufacturing plants, hospitals, nurseries, warehouses and airports. Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport alone uses more than 250 V-MOVE electric tow tractors.


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