Rubber Speed Humps

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Our Rubber Speed Humps are cost-effective solutions and are suited to areas that have low traffic (like short-term installations or unit and townhouse complexes). They ensure traffic slows in areas that require extra attention and caution, and that speeds are maintained to increase safety. They are constructed from a combination of natural and recycled rubber and feature a built-in bridge to allow cable or hose- use underneath the speed hump. If installed with a sealant they can be transformed into a liquid barrier.

Rubber Speed Humps are designed and manufactured in compliance with all relevant safety codes and regulations, including the Standard AS 2890 Parking Facilities. These traffic control items are incredibly durable as their solid colour finish won’t wear over time. Each speed hump comes complete with all relevant fixings (2 per body, 4 per pair of ends) and any concealed fixings will remain accessible.


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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Economy rubber speed hump 250mm body – Safety Yellow (fixings included)


Rubber Speed Hump Body 250mm – Yellow


Rubber Speed Hump End Caps per pair – Black


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