Gas Cylinder Storage Racks

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Gas Cylinder Storage Racks are a safe and versatile bulk cylinder storage solution that may be used inside or outdoors. These modular units, which come in a variety of sizes, help organise and separate either empty or full gas cylinders, as per AS4332 safety standards. Through their robust design, workplaces can start storing and sorting multiple cylinders, allowing for larger capacities and greater flexibility.

This system safely and securely restrains gas cylinders. It enables businesses to categorise cylinders by kind. While individual or changing storage requirements may change, our storage racks’ modular design can assist to adapt these changes.

The rack is supplied as a flat-pack or can be assembled on-site if required. Gas Cylinders are not included.

Additional Information

Ensure you safely store gas cylinders!

Maintaining a safe working environment requires gas cylinders to be properly stored according to Australian regulations. We now offer a selection of modular Gas Cylinder Storage Racks that give a versatile solution to fit individual or changing storage requirements, as part of our comprehensive line of gas cylinder handling and storage solutions.

Flexible and robust design

This modular system suits individual and changing storage requirements. Designed in accordance with relevant Australian Standards, including AS4332, it has a zinc finish for long-life corrosion protection. Use this rack both indoors and out. Additional racking bays (AR Models) are available and can simply bolt-on.

Quick installation and assembly

With fast and easy assembly, the cylinder rack can be secured to the floor using masonry bolts. It comes supplied as a flat-pack, however, on-site installation is available.

Great safety features

Gas Cylinder Storage Racks help to organise and separate cylinders by type. It also creates a secure location for such items. Chain anchor plates ensure individual restraint and safety signs are supplied.

Various Models available

Many models are available. They can be supplied as standard or with an additional racking bay AR model.

Models Inside Dimensions (mm) Overall Dimensions (mm) Unit Weight (kg)
GBSR4 450 (w) x 450 (d) 550 (w) x 500 (d) x 840 (h) 28 kg
GBSR4-AR 450 (w) x 450 (d) 500 (w) x 500 (d) x 840 (h) 38 kg
GBSR5 450 (w) x 900 (d) 550 (w) x 950 (d) x 840 (h) 38 kg
GBSR5-AR 450 (w) x 900 (d) 500 (w) x 950 (d) x 840 (h) 24 kg
GBSR8 900 (w) x 450 (d) 1000 (w) x 500 (d) x 840 (h) 35 kg
GBSR8-AR 900 (w) x 450 (d) 950 (w) x 500 (d) x 840 (h) 26 kg
GBSR9 900 (w) x 900 (d) 1000 (w) x 950 (d) x 840 (h) 43 kg
GBSR9-AR 900 (w) x 900 (d) 950 (w) x 950 (d) x 840 (h) 29 kg
GBSR4AR 3d 003 Gas Cylinder Storage Rack


GBSR5AR 3d 003 Gas Cylinder Storage Rack


GBSR8AR 3d 003 Gas Cylinder Storage Rack


GBSR9AR 3d 003 Gas Cylinder Storage Rack


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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Gas Cylinder Storage Rack – 450x450mm

GBSR4 $400.00

Add-on Racking Bay

GBSR4-AR $310.00

Gas Cylinder Storage Rack – 450x900mm

GBSR5 $460.00

Add-on Racking Bay

GBSR5-AR $350.00

Gas Cylinder Storage Rack – 900x450mm

GBSR8 $430.00

Add-on Racking Bay

GBSR8-AR $350.00

Gas Cylinder Storage Rack – 900x900mm

GBSR9 $500.00

Add-on Racking Bay

GBSR9-AR $390.00

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