Drive-over Bunding

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Drive-over Bunding is an ideal way to create secure bunded areas in workshops, liquid storage areas and across warehouse doorways.

It is manufactured from high-density foam encased in high frequency welded heavy-duty PVC. The 65 high x 200 mm wide triangular profile is compressed down as vehicles drive over it and springs back to shape after it passes. It is secured to the ground using aluminium reinforcing bar, masonry anchors and adhesive.

It is available in kit form with each kit containing the appropriate 200 x 65 mm bunding profile, PVC adhesive, aluminium reinforcing bars, masonry anchors and adhesive.


Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Driveover bunding – 2 metre kit


Drive-over Bunding – 5 metre kit


Drive-over Bunding – 10 metre kit


Drive-over Bunding – Corner Kit 90º corner


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