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Floor Bunding Drive-over

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Drive-Over Bunding is an ideal way to create secure bunded areas in workshops, liquid storage areas and across warehouse openings.

It is manufactured from high-density memory foam encased in a waterproof heavy-duty PVC cover. The triangular profile is 65 high x 200 mm wide. It is compressed as vehicles drive over the profile and it springs back to shape after pressure is removed.

Profiles are secured to the ground using an aluminium profile, floor fixings and adhesive.

Drive-Over Bunding is available in kit form – each kit containing the appropriate 200 x 65 mm profile, aluminium reinforcing bars, masonry anchors and adhesive.

Additional Information

How do we install the bunding?
  • Drill with 6mm masonry bit
  • Long blade box cutter
  • Tape measure
  • Hack saw or angle grinder
  • Cartridge Caulking Gun
Maximise the effectiveness of your drive-over bundling

Make sure you adhere to the detailed instructions included in your kit. After installation, be sure to follow these instructions:

  • Roll over the bunding at a walking pace
  • Do not turn wheels while on the bunding
  • Do not brake or accelerate while on the bunding
  • Be sure forklift tines are higher than the bund to avoid contact
How does it work?

Drive-over or rollover bunding provides containment for the area while still allowing for vehicle access. Our Drive-over bunding is covered in a waterproof 900gsm PVC casing and is constructed entirely of memory foam.
The material is able to flex and flatten under the weight of tyres and then rebound into shape once the vehicles have passed.

Why use Drive-Over Bunding?

The greatest benefit of this bunding solution, compared to a solid bunding profile, is that it lessens the bump that forklift drivers experience, making transportation safer. This makes the workplace even safer because drums or other objects won’t bump into one another or fall off the forklift.

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Drive-over bunding – 2 metre kit


Drive-over Bunding – 5 metre kit


Drive-over Bunding – 10 metre kit


Drive-over Bunding – Corner Kit 90º corner


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