Dock Guard Safety Gate (Manual)

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The Dock Guard Safety Gate provides a barrier to traffic in loading docks. This limits access and prevents any collision with obstacles, building assets or other vehicles. It can also be used to secure areas and improve safety within any organisation or warehouse.

Using manual operation, the gate can be easily raised or lowered as required. It is further supported by adjustable counterbalance assistance and designed to withstand collisions from up to 6800 kg (or a forklift travelling at 5 km/h). The barrier arm features an energy-absorbing design to stop collisions.

Best suited for internal or external loading docks, these safety gates are finished in high visibility yellow with yellow/black hazard striping. Optional interior or exterior traffic light systems are also available.

Additional Information

Dock Guard Safety Gates stop traffic and prevent collisions. 

Thanks to their robust construction, this safety gate system feature a braced leg design that deflects impact loads. This further protects the pivot base. The barrier arm absorbs the impact and is positioned at a height where a forklift truck is stabilised. Three models are available with various Internal Drive Clearances to suit specific workplace requirements.


  • Operation – Manual raise and lower with counterbalance assist
  • Rated Capacity – Designed to withstand collision from 6800 kg (GVM forklift truck at 5 km/h)
  • Counter Balance – Adjustable
  • Overall Height – 765 mm
  • Internal Drive Clearance Through Gate – 2440, 2745 or 3050 mm
  • Colour – Pivot base and capture post are grey enamel; barrier arm is high visibility yellow with yellow/black hazard striping

Dock Guard Safety Gates provide a great solution for loading dock safety. Gates are also available in a powered option upon request.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Dock Guard Safety Gate 2440mm


Dock Guard Safety Gate 2745mm


Dock Guard Safety Gate 3000mm


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