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Electric Chain Hoists – Single Hand Control EDCL

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Our Compact Electric Hoist powerfully lifts loads with an innovative single-hand control. With dual-speed cylinder control, it easily adapts to varying working conditions, making it portable, fast and responsive. The hoist reduces manual handling risks, often associated with repetitive lifting tasks, and features a lightweight design.

Equipped with single-phase electric ability and dual-speed capabilities, this Kito Hoist is high-performing and improves the efficiency of an operator. It lifts and handles small loads and is commonly used in mining, construction, engineering and manufacturing industries, and warehouse facilities.

Additional Information

The EDCL Electric Hoist is compact, light, easy and fast!

Our Electric Hoists are incredibly responsive and are small enough to be portable, easily serviceable and provide industry-leading quality. The EDCL range offers dual high-speed production, which improves operational efficiency. With Cylinder Control, this feature provides an operator with at-hook control at the lifting point.

Available in both a single or dual speed mode, it is ideal for smaller loads and applications in an assembly line or at a workstation. The device is equipped with a patented ‘friction clutch’ allowing for reliability and overload protection. Its motor also has a high-performance mechanical brake for safe stopping. Manufactured with a nickel-plated load chain, the EDCL range of electric hoists is resistant to rust and wear.

Standard Features: 

  • High-speed lowering and lifting capabilities.
  • Available in single or dual speed.
  • Compact and lightweight design minimises headroom
  • Ideal for lifting small loads that are too heavy to be handled manually.
  • Cylinder control provides the operator with at-hook control at the lifting point.
  • 30% ED rating.
  • Patented ‘Friction Clutch’ allows for reliable overload protection and safety.
  • Upper limit switch that sets a standard upper limit, preventing overwinding.
  • The motor has a high-performance mechanical brake for safe stopping.
  • Nickel-plated load chain allows for added resistance to rust and wear.

Standard Specifications:

  • Rated Capacity – 100 kg to 240 kg
  • Voltage – 240 V 50 Hz
  • Control Voltage – low voltage control is standard
  • Operation Method – Cylinder Control
  • Motor Insulation – Class F
  • Operating Temperature – -20 to 40℃
  • Enclosure – Dual Speed: IP54; Cylinder: IP44
  • Operating Humidity – 85%RH or Less
  • Suspension Varieties – Hook, Universal Trolley, Manual Trolley
Also, select the LTMH25 trolley to expand the application range. This option can partner with the hoist, creating a compact, lightweight and smart solution. It allows a hoist to traverse along a structural steel beam.
 Compact Electric Chain Hoist Specifications: 
Model Capacity Standard Lift (m) Lift Speed – (m/min) Headroom (mm) Load Chain dia (mm) x falls Weight Load Chain dia (mm) x pitch
EDCL16SD 100 kg 1.8 13.0/3.0 945 4.0 x 1 15 4.0 x 12.0
EDCL24SD 240 kg 1.8 13.5/3.0 960 4.0 x 1 19 4.0 x 12.0
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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Electric Chain Hoist with Single Hand Control
Capacity 100kg
Dual Speed (m/min) 13.5/3.0


Electric Chain Hoist with Single Hand Control
Capacity 240kg
Dual Speed (m/min) 13.5/3.0


Mini Push Trolley 250kg


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