Collapsible Pallet Box

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Our Collapsible Pallet Box is a heavy-duty bulk container, made from high-density polyethylene. Not only is it tough and durable, but it easily collapses for efficient storage and transportation. This bin has been designed with convenience in mind and is commonly used to move, store, protect and ship various equipment, materials and components.

For added benefit, the bin completely folds down into a flat configuration. When collapsed, it can be stacked 7 to a pallet. This functionality also allows for multi-point entry, and the bulk bin can be accessed from all sides. Its rounded legs are great for forklift or hand truck entry. The Collapsible Pallet Box also has a ventilated reinforced base for improved durability.

Used widely in the mining and warehouse industries, the Pallet Box is made from a non-food grade material.


Additional Information

Benefits of high-density polyethylene pallet boxes

High-density polyethylene pallet boxes are far more popular today than the traditional timber pallets, which have been the mainstay of shipping and manufacturing industries for many years. This popularity is due to a variety of reasons, but mainly because timber pallets can be easily broken resulting in damaged goods. Additionally, timber is porous, which may lead to contamination and insect infestations. Our Pallet Boxes are lightweight, strong, user-friendly, recyclable and good for the environment.

Lightweight and uniform sizes

A benefit of using high-density polyethylene pallet boxes is that they’re more lightweight than timber equivalents. This makes these boxes easier to transport and stack, as well as reducing shipping costs when weight is included in the transaction. Another factor that makes polyethylene boxes popular is that they feature a uniform design, so that they can be stacked easily and maintain the same dimensions (unlike timber which can be warped and may not always stack evenly).

Strong, durable and long lasting

Timber pallet boxes have a short lifespan because they can be damaged easily, often cracking and splintering during the handling or stacking process. They also have weak points where timbers join, resulting in frequent repairs. High-density polyethylene, on the other hand, is a super strong material that’s impact resistant, long-lasting and weather resistant. It also resists mould, mildew and insects and maintains its structure. These pallet boxes can be moulded into just about any shape and last for up to 15 years, which makes it a very cost-effective solution.

High-density polyethylene pallet boxes are user-friendly

Timber crates are kept together with nails that, when exposed (due to damage or just wear and tear), can be a safety hazard to handlers. This issue can also damage goods, particularly if it’s fresh produce or stored in cardboard containers. High-density polyethylene pallet boxes, however, don’t have any joins or nails, because they are moulded from one piece of material. This lowers the risk of injury and damaged goods. They can also be washed down easily, removing dirt, debris or contaminants making them ideal for transporting a variety of products.

Recyclable and safe for the environment

Whilst timber pallets can be recycled into sawdust, they tend to be sent to the rubbish tip when they are too damaged to be reused. Instead, high-density polyethylene pallet boxes are 100% recyclable and can be remoulded into different products, even new pallets. This reduces wastage and is very environmentally friendly.

Benefits of our collapsible pallet boxes

Our pallet boxes are collapsible, making them even more suitable for storage and shipping. You can collapse these boxes down flat and store them out of the way, reducing the amount of space required when they’re empty and not being used. With multi-point entry, goods can be accessed from any side, so you don’t have to stack them all facing one direction. They are also fully ventilated and reinforced making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

Here’s a quick overview of the benefits of using high-density polyethylene pallet boxes for storage and shipping:

  • Not easily damaged
  • Non-porous and lightweight
  • Consistent and uniform sizes
  • Easily stackable
  • Strong and durable
  • Weather, mould and insect resistant
  • User-friendly and recyclable
  • Safe for the environment

The Collapsible Bulk Bin offers flexibility and convenience when moving or storing equipment. 

Collapsible Pallet Box Features

Collapsible Bulk Container SOC9034C2 Specifications: 

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) – 1220 x 1145 x 865 mm
  • Internal Dimensions (L x W x H) – 1135 x 1055 x 700 mm
  • External Volume – 1.2 m3
  • Internal Volume – 0.82 m3
  • Weight – 62 kg
  • Capacity – 1100 kg
  • Collapsed Height – 330 mm (7 collapsed units per pallet; under 2 metres)
  • All plastic frame with solid deck.
  • Lid available sold separately.

Container Lid SDL903VX10 Specifications: 

  • Lid Dimensions (L x W x H) – 1220 x 1145 x 90 mm
  • Weight – 7 kg
  • 30 Lid per pallet (under 2 metres)
  • Prevents dust or dirt from settling on goods while in storage or transit.

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