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Our Aerosol Can Storage Cages have been designed to store and protect high-pressure aerosol cans. Engineered to meet the requirements of Australian Standards, the cages are ideal for Class 2.1 Flammable Gases, which includes spray paints, lubricants, cleaners, adhesives and degreasers.

These cages not only secure hazardous substances, but they organise and meet storage requirements for handling hazardous materials. Each cage is manufactured and constructed in heavy-duty steel, with a durable green powder coat finish. They also feature a projectile proof design, with adequate ventilation and high-security lockable doors.

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Secure Aerosol Cans with our Safety Storage Cages! 

These cabinets are designed with perforated walls that allow sufficient and natural ventilation. The cages can be further secured with bolt-down plates that provide extra stability. Access into the cage is controlled by pad-lockable doors and safety signage alerts workers of the chemicals held within the cage. They are an economical solution for safe and secure storing of all aerosols.


  • Projectile proof construction.
  • Made from heavy-duty steel.
  • Natural ventilation with perforated walls.
  • Complies with relevant Australian Standards.
  • High-security pad-lockable doors.
  • Bolt-down base plates for additional security.
  • Appropriate safety warning signs.
  • A compact design suited for storing aerosol cans (Class 2.1 Flammable Gases).
  • Durable powder coat finish (green colouring).
  • Manufactured in Australia.
  • Custom sizes available to suit specific requirements.


Code External Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Max. Capacity
SAC001 400 557 285 9 18 Cans
SAC002 655 757 335 20 72 Cans
SAC003 900 905 437 49 180 Cans
SAC005 1802 905 437 87 300 Cans
SAC006 1800 1708 437 159 625 Cans

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Aerosol Storage Cage – 18 can

SAC001 $588.00

Aerosol Storage Cage – 72 can

SAC002 $777.00

Aerosol Storage Cage – 180 cans

SAC003 $1,297.00

Aerosol Storage Cage – 216 can

SAC005 $1,388.00

Aerosol Storage Cage – 432 can

SAC006 $2,276.00

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