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Stockmaster Mezzalad Mezzanine Access Ladder

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The StockMaster Mezzalad is a Mezzanine Ladder that provides safe and quick access to mezzanine floors. Completely Australian made, this ladder is space-saving and easy-to-use. With fast and simple installation, they can be easily installed in a workplace.

Featuring a unique storage mechanism, the ladder can be positioned flat against a wall when not in use. When required, simply lift and pull and Mezzalad is ready for climbing. This ensures the unit is out of the way for a safer workplace.

The unit also features a Safety Gate on the upper floor level it leads to, to minimise any potential risks. Two hand rails assist climbing, so operators feel safe at all times. The StockMaster Mezzalad utilises space and helps facilities reach new heights with ease.


Additional Information

Utilise space like never before and store with ease!

Unlike other ladders, the StockMaster Mezzalad folds into a wall for complete storage. This unique mechanism ensures operators don’t have to battle trying to set up the ladder or awkwardly strain to move the device into place. The Mezzalad is fastened to the upper level (that requires access) and a simple life and pull action sets the ladder up ready for use.

Comfortable and secure climbing!

With a 60 cm wide step, this distance between hand rails ensures the Mezzalad is comfortable and safe to use. Featuring two handles for assisted climbing, users can feel secure when accessing a new level. The unit’s hand rails also extend 90 cm past the upper floor, so support is continued for safe entry and confident climbing.

A safety gate is provided for the upper floor as well. This maintains a railings integrity and eliminates any falling risks from the top, as the gate can be opened or closed while the operator is standing on the higher level. The ladder is fastened to the upper floor, for fast and simple installation. The ladder can also be used at multiple locations with the use of additional fixing Mezz-Bracket sets.

The right size ladder for your requirement!

The most popular and cost effective Mezzalad’s are available in the standard 4 sizes from 2330 to 3225 mm (SML11, 12, 13 & 14). These units automatically adjust to suit height and come complete with powder coated hand rails. They are available for order.

We also offer a custom built range to supplement the standard sizes. These are sized from  655 to 2350 mm and 3290 to 4700 mm. These are “made to order” and will involve a slight delay due to the customisation. Custom built ladders are supplied with a Safety Gate, however the side hand rails are not powder-coated. We’re happy to provide more information regarding this option.

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Mezzalad makes the ideal companion for our Mezzalift Mezzanine Goods Lift. The Mezzalad ensures personnel access to a mezzanine floor, whereas the Mezzalift ensures goods can be lifted to the same floor.

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Suit mezzanine height: 1975-2145mm


Suit mezzanine height: 2145-2330mm


Suit mezzanine height: 2330-2529mm


Suit mezzanine height: 2529-2744mm


Suit mezzanine height: 2744-2977mm


Suit mezzanine height: 2977-3225mm


Suit mezzanine height: 3225-3385mm


Suit mezzanine height: 3385-3675mm


Suit mezzanine height: 3675-3990mm


Suit mezzanine height: 3990-4280mm


Suit mezzanine height: 4330-4700mm


Suit mezzanine height: 1310-1420mm


Suit mezzanine height: 1420-1545mm


Suit mezzanine height: 1545-1675mm


Suit mezzanine height: 1675-1820mm


Suit mezzanine height: 1820-1975mm


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