Drum Lifting Trolleys Side Shift De-Palletiser

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The Side Shift Drum De-Palletiser is a unique and versatile product that eliminates manual handling of drums. The only one of its kind, it easily handles drums on and off pallets or bunds from any position. With an array of amazing features, it’s safe to use, efficient when handling and incredibly flexible.

Using a high-quality construction, the DTP04 loads/unloads drums from one side. Utilising only 12 kg of force, an operator can lift and move up to 300 kg. This device is equipped with a universal catch that can be used on many drum types. The Side Shift Drum De-Palletiser includes stainless-steel contact surfaces, as well as grit-blasted, double powder-coated mild steel components.

Access to the unit is via the front, so all pallets and bunds can be stored against a wall. The units two-speed hydraulics also ensures de-palletising is completed quickly and effectively.

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Remove heavy handling with the Side Shift De-Palletiser!

The functionalities of this device are incredibly unique – especially the side-shift action. Precision bearings allow an operator to effortlessly and smoothly slide the central lifter left and right. Accessing a pallet is incredibly easy to do! Once the device is secured, the unit moves over a pallet to select a drum. When the drum is lowered, the side-shift function allows for precise placement with no gaps. The units universal drum catch is made from stainless steel. The connection can be easily adjusted, along with the stainless-steel ladder rack, to suit varying drum sizes, heights, materials and types.

The DTP04 Side Shift Drum De-Palletiser also features a manual hydraulic pump, which is simple to use. Operators pump the handle to raise and lower loads onto the ground or onto pallets. These lifting mechanisms are reliable and long lasting. Chemical-resistant wheels also assist the drum handling device in all conditions.

DTP04 Specifications: 

  • Maximum Safe Working Load (SWL) – 350 kg
  • Overall Height – 1320 mm
  • Pallet Height Accom. – 150/300 mm
  • Overall Length – 950 mm
  • Overall Width – 1620 mm
  • Maximum Lift Height – 575 mm

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Side Shift Drum De-Palletiser


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