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Our ergonomic Universal Drum Trolley is designed to safeguard an operator from manual handling accidents when transporting heavy items. The trolley’s load capacity is 350 kg, however, the manual force required to operate is less than 20 kg. As a result, it’s simple to handle and use, making it ideal for any warehouse environment.

As one of the most adaptable drum trolleys on the market, this device allows you to move loads safely and comfortably. The drum catch can be adjusted to suit steel, plastic, and fibreboard drums ranging from 50 to 205 litres. With its innovative design, the mechanism properly positions the wheels under the load, meaning little input is required of the operator.

This device leads the way in safe drum handling! Whether you’re lifting a 50 kg barrel or a 350 kg drum, it provides an economical and safe solution.

Additional Information

Use the Drum Trolley with any drum from 50-205 litres!

Drums come in various heights, depending on the style and volume. The Universal Drum Trolley can flexibly handle this wide variety and easily adjusts to the drum. By pressing together two spring-loaded parts, the DTC01 drum adjusts vertically. This ingenious design is simple to use and allows for greater control while transporting drums and barrels of various sizes.

Easily balances heavy loads

When manually moving heavy loads, workers can be prone to manual handling accidents or muscular strain. The DTC01 Drum Trolley reduces this risk by reducing the effort required to move and handle drums, thus reducing workplace injuries. The wheels slide underneath the drum when the oil drum trolley is moved into the deployed position. This maximises stability and control when carrying drums as the centre of gravity exactly over the wheels.

Sliding drum catch that suits various drums

This Trolley is capable of transporting a variety of drum sizes, including 200 litres (45 gallons) drums. The drum catch is made of stainless steel that has been laser cut. It can be readily adjusted to securely connect to drums of various types, sizes, and materials. This includes tight-head steel, open-top steel, plastic Mauser, plastic L-ring, tapered plastic, tapered lip steel and fibreboard/cardboard.

Adjustable rim catch to hook and connect to the drum

The gripping catch may be adjusted vertically and has a variety of hook locations, allowing it to connect to drums ranging from 50 to 205 litres. To fit your drum onto the trolley, just remove the pin from the catch, adjust the position of the top hook, and return the pin.

Chemical-resistant wheels

A high-quality elasticated rubber wheel is utilised to ensure that the trolley can operate well in all weather types. To guarantee premium wheel performance in severe situations, rubber-sealed (RS) bearings are also used. To operate effectively, our drum trolleys perform best on flat surfaces.

Stainless-steel and robust construction

Universal Drum Trolleys are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. These units are built to last a long time, thanks to the high-quality materials used in their construction. This guarantees their premium and robust quality.

Drum Trolley Feature Sliding Drum Catch

Sliding Drum Catch

Drum Trolley Feature Fully Adjustable Rim CatchMH

Fully Adjustable Rim Catch


  • Handles a range of drum types (steel, plastic, fibreboard) and sizes.
  • Moves drums weighing up to 350 kg, however, the maximum force required is 20 kg.
  • An innovative mechanism that positions the wheels under the load.
  • Fully adjustable rim catch that connects and hooks to drums.
  • The drum catch can be adjusted vertically and slides to adjust to size.
  • The load is balanced completely during operation. This reduces manual handling risk and centres the load over the wheels for increased user control.
  • Stainless steel and robust construction.
  • Chemical-resistant wheels to ensure the trolley can be used in various conditions.


  • Load Rated Capacity – 350 kg
  • Drum Compatibility – Handles tight-head and open-top steel, plastic and fibreboard drums between 50 and 220 litres
  • Maximum Drum Height – 985 mm
  • Ground Clearance – 75 mm
  • Manual Force required to operate – less than 20 kg
  • Wheel specification – nylon-centred wheel and elasticated rubber tyre and precision bearings
ATEX-certified trolleys available

ATEX drum trolleys are completely certified for usage in hazardous industrial environments. This (code DTC01EX) option is ideal for gas and dust classified locations, such as Zones 1, 2, 21, and 22, which may include explosive or potentially explosive atmospheres. Please enquire to our sales team if this is an option you’d like to know more about.

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Product Variations

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Universal Drum Trolley – stainless steel


Universal Drum Trolley – stainless steel ATEX version


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