Drum Lifting Trolley High

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Made in Australia, our High Lifting Drum Truck lifts both steel and plastic drums effortlessly and ergonomically. It is a perfect solution for moving drums on and off spill containment bunding, platforms and vehicles.

Featuring a unique and automatic ‘beak’ mechanism, the lifter grips drums around the rim and safely moves them. This action is supported by its robust gear-reduction hand winch (and safety brake). The Drum Truck can easily handle heavy loads up to 350 kg, with a huge lifting height of 1200 mm.

This lifter suits a range of drum handling applications and requirements. It prevents manual handling injuries, often caused by employees moving and dragging heavy drums by hand.

Additional Information

Made in Australia, the High Lifting Drum Truck is a great handling solution!

This lifter features a huge 1200 mm lifting height and an extensive load capacity. It’s a proven and economical machine for handling plastic and steel drums. The base frame is wide enough to allow loading of drums on/off the corner of a pallet. Large diameter wheels make it super easy to move around and safe for employees to operate. The Drum Truck lift height and base frame can be produced to special dimensions if required.

DHY01 Specifications: 

  • Capacity – 350 kg
  • Height – 2065 mm
  • Width – 980 mm
  • Length – 840 mm
  • Wheels – 150 mm
  • Weight – 130 kg

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Multilift Drum Truck


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