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Rooftop Guardrails Sentry

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Sentry Guardrails safely protects personnel against hazardous environments. Manufactured from high-grade aluminium, it is suitable for use on roof areas, to protect machinery, segregate dock edges and mezzanine floors, and other similar areas.

Walkways and Guardrails ensure the highest level of safety when working at heights or in exposed environments. The combination of the two creates a protective system that increases safety and defines working areas. When used for plant equipment, the guardrail can act as a barrier to machinery and protect personnel from falling off raised platforms (like docks). When used at elevated heights, the system protects against higher falls and working at heights hazards.

Sentry Guardrails work well with our On-Trak Walkway systems – creating the perfect combination for working at heights protection.

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Improve your Roof and Ceiling Access with our Sentry Guardrail Systems. 

These quality systems are designed and installed to improve safety in any workplace. A cost-effective solution, they provide a range of benefits for surrounding environments. As maintenance-free solutions, they protect personnel when accessing plants and equipment at heights.

Many safety features to protect your workplace

Sentry controls access within working at heights areas with a permanent guardrail system. It is fully adjustable and adaptable to any location, thanks to its diverse range of prefabricated fixtures and fittings. Sentry is suited to areas that are frequently accessed by maintenance personnel. It provides fall protection, safe access, a positive barrier system and easy retrofitting to existing stairways, platform systems, roof decks and concrete/steel structures.

  • Modular and versatile system.
  • Rapid installation.
  • Lightweight, robust and high in strength.
  • Aluminium construction with options for high visibility, safety yellow finish.
  • Neat appearance can be powder-coated to suit surroundings.
  • Provides the highest level of fall protection when working at heights.
  • A fold-down option is available, which can be stored out of sight when not in use (for visually sensitive locations).
  • Complies to relevant Australian Standards (AS1657:2013)
  • Adaptable to suit any application.
  • No need for ongoing assessment and recertification.
Sentry Guardrail and On-Trak Walkways

Sentry Guardrail

Combine Sentry Guardrails with our On-Trak Walkways

For an ultimate access solution, combine the talents of Sentry with On-Trak Walkways.  Not only will sufficient rails be in place to protect workers against edges, but they’ll have a sure footing with reinforced fibre walkways. On-Trak is non-corrosive, non-conductive and perfect for slippery and wet environments.

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