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Rooftop Walkway Systems On-Trak

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Our On-Trak Walkway Systems are a flexible way to improve safety on roofs and decks. As a total defence solution, they provide specified walkways in slippery, uneven and wet environments.  On-Trak is great when used near plant equipment, over fragile grounds and up high on building tops to prevent fall risks.

The unique construction of this walkway includes a non-slip and multi-directional grid. Utilising TrakTite Mounting Grips, the surface doesn’t penetrate any ground. Made from reinforced fibre, it’s non-conductive – meaning, there is no galvanic reaction between the roof deck and walkway.

Combine the talents of On-Trak Wakway Systems with Sentry Guardrails for the ultimate working at heights solution.

Additional Information

Improve your safety when walking on uneven surfaces with On-Trak Walkway Systems!

On-Trak is a slip-resistant fibre walkway system for safe work on roof areas. With a lightweight and non-corrosive design, these walkways provide maintenance free protection for many personnel. They provide sure footing for slippery and uneven surface. Their multi-directional non-slip surface ensures this and its unique design allows it to be installed quickly on site.

  • Lightweight with simple and quick installation.
  • Non-corrosive, fire retardant and maintenance free.
  • Non-metallic and non-conductive properties.
  • Reduced number of penetrations – no support battens required.
  • Advanced, multi-directional non-slip surface, which minimises the risk of slipping.
  • Cost-effective solution with roof deck protection.
  • Improves worker safety.
  • Ideal for slippery,wet or uneven surfaces.
  • Safety yellow high visibility finish or grey to minimise visual impact.
  • Reinforced fibre construction.
Sentry Guardrail and On-Trak Walkways

On-Trak Walkways

Combine On-Trak Walkway Systems with Sentry Guardrails!

For a perfect working at heights safety system, combine the benefits of On-Trak with Sentry Guardrails. Sentry ensures personnel are protected from edges and heights, by providing a secure and robust rail to prevent falls. These systems can also segregate machinery and valuable plant equipment.

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