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PowerFlex Expandable Conveyors

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PowerFlex Expandable Conveyors assist with the loading and unloading of products. Commonly used at distribution centres, packaging, mobile assembly lines, and shipping/receiving centres, they easily handle goods over long distances. Cartons are able to follow the twists and turns of the conveyor path without the need for engineered curves.

Featuring heavy-duty 38 mm diameter rollers, the Powerflex has great durability. It switches on/off at both ends of the conveyor and supports 150 kg load capacity (per linear metre, level). Additionally, the conveyor has an adjustable height that ranges between 800 – 1100 mm. It has multiple 0.09 kW, 240 V drive motors, a variable line speed (0 to 36m/min) and is able to perform 300 starts/stop cycles per hour.

When needed, the PowerFlex rolls into position thanks to its swivel castors (150 mm x 50 mm). The castor brakes can lock both the wheel and swivel simultaneously so the conveyor is secured when in use.



Additional Information

Easy loading and unloading with PowerFlex!

PowerFlex is a powered, flexible and expandable conveyor belt. It can be adjusted in height between 800 – 1100 mm. These conveyors are also available in 450 mm, 600 mm and 750 mm conveyor widths. Customisable lengths can be arranged to meet specific applications.


  • Continuous Duty Multiple Drive Motors – line speed is adjustable from 0-36 metres per minute; start/stop cycle powers 300 times per hour; on/off switches at both ends of the conveyor; with durable drive motor.
  • Self Tracking – cartons follow the turns of the conveyor path without using engineered curves.
  • Adjustable Height – adjustable locking bolts raise and lower the conveyor to bed height.
  • Square Tubing Legs – heavy-duty square tubing legs for longer service life.
  • Efficient Rollers – heavy-duty 38 mm rollers on 12 mm axles ensure greater durability.
  • Side Plates – 38 mm; aluminium alloy construction features a ribbed design for added strength; assembled with bolts and locknuts.
  • Castors with Brakes – 150 mm x 50 mm swivel castors roll easily; castor brakes lock wheels in place while the conveyor is in use.


PowerFlex Expandable Conveyors


Model Width Standard Lengths (Compacted to Expanded) Leg Sets Per Unit Roller Axle Centres (Extended) Approx. Shipping Weight
CPFR1812 450 mm 1.2 m – 3.7 m 5 127 mm 145 kg
CPFR1824 2.4 m – 7.3 m 8 288 kg
CPFR1836 3.7 m – 11 m 11 431 kg
CPFR1848 4.9 m – 14.6 m 14 574 kg
CPFR2412 600 mm 1.2 m – 3.7 m 5 170 kg
CPFR2424 2.4 m – 7.3 m 8 338 kg
CPFR2436 3.7 m – 11 m 11 508 kg
CPFR2448 4.9 m – 14.6 m 14 676 kg
CPFR3012 750 mm 1.2 m – 3.7 m 5 195 kg
CPFR3024 2.4 m – 7.3 m 8 390 kg
CPFR3036 3.7 m – 11 m 11 583 kg
CPFR3048 4.9 m – 14.6 m 14 778 kg

Please Note: 

  • Adjustable Height – standard adjustable height is between 800 mm to 1100 mm. An optional 200 mm castor adds 25 mm to conveyor height to make a new adjustable height range of 82 mm to 1125 mm.
  • Axle Centres – when expanded, the distance between axle centre is 127 mm. Optional 76 mm and 102 mm axle centres are available. Optional axle centres affect compacted conveyor length.
  • Extended Lengths – PowerFlex conveyors are available in any length. If you need a customised solution please contact one of our Sales Representatives.

Optional performance options are available to enhance the PowerFlex operation. These include super-optic electronics, zero-pressure accumulation, electronic package stop, indexing, heavy-duty roller connectors, axle centres, larger 200 mm swivel castors and a heavy-duty dump table.

Require an alternative handling solution? 

View our BestFlex Expandable Gravity Conveyor.

Click the PDF button to learn more.

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

450 wide x 1220 -3700mm Powered roller


450 wide x 2400 -7300mm Powered roller


450 wide x 3700 – 11000mm Powered roller


450 wide x 4900 – 14600mm Powered roller


600 wide x 1220 – 3660mm Powered roller


600 wide x 2400 – 7300mm Powered roller


600 wide x 3700 – 11000mm Powered roller


600 wide x 4900 – 14600mm Powered roller


750 wide x 1220 – 3660mm Powered roller


750 wide x 2400 – 7300mm Powered roller


750 wide x 3700 – 11000mm Powered roller


750 wide x 4900 – 14600mm Powered roller


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