Plunger Cans

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Dispense flammable liquids and solvents safely.

Plunger Cans and safety containers help you handle flammable liquids safely and economically. You can cut lost time washing parts, applying solvents, moistening rags and many other production line operations involving flammable liquids. Best results are achieved by job matching containers to the specific function which will improve the operator productivity.

Plunger Cans help you quickly and safely dampen cleaning cloths by pushing down on the pump assembly. The pump fills t he upper pan with a measured amount of liquid to wet the cleaning cloth. Surplus liquid drains safely back into the reservoir. The perforated pan screen serves as a flame arrester.


Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

0.5 Litre Plunger Can 65mm Dasher

D10008 $148.00

1 Litre Plunger Can 125mm Dasher

D10108 $160.00

1.9 Litre Plunger Can 125mm Dasher

D10208 $160.00

3.8 Litre plunger can

D10308 $178.00

1 Litre Non Metallic Plunger Can 125mm Dasher

D14018 $238.00

1 Litre Bench Can (No Basket)

D10175 $136.00

Spill tray

D10177 $176.00

2 Litre Bench Can (No Basket)

D10295 $136.00

4 Litre Bench Can (Complete)

D10370 $196.00

4 Litre Bench Can (No Basket)

D10375 $156.00

8 Litre Bench Can (No Basket)

D10575 $265.00

11 Litre Bench Can (No Basket)

D10775 $300.00

Drip Can

D10376 $194.00

6 Litre Swab Pail

D10471 $236.00

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