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Log Grab Forklift Attachment

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The MGA01 Log Grab Attachment enables logs to be held in place during transport. This attachment is ideal for use by a forklift, tractor or loader around a worksite. Securely hold timber posts, logs, stumps and fallen branches. The attachment assists in clean up, maintenance and other similar environmental processes.

It’s super easy to use the Log Grab as it easily connects to a fork carriage (Class 2). The hydraulic claw curls over to collect the log and only one additional hydraulic circuit is required.

This is a handy tool to help you move log-shaped loads, allowing for flexibility in all your operations. It also removes manual handling risks workers face by removing logs by hand. With this attachment, more can be accomplished.

Additional Information

A Forklift Grab Attachment for Logs!

The MGA01 versatile fork attachment will allow you to securely hold logs during transportation over long distances. This allows operations to carry more and avoid exposing workers to manual handling risks. It can easily attach to forklift, tractor or other similar vehicles, and has an opening height of 1350 mm.

MGA01 Features:
  • Securely holds logs, timber or stumps in place during transportation.
  • For use by a forklift, tractor or loader around a worksite.
  • Hydraulic top claw secures the load.
  • Quickly connects to a Class 2 Fork Carriage.
  • Requires only one hydraulic circuit.
  • Black enamel paint finish.
MGA01 Specifications:
  • Width – 176 mm
  • Opening Height – 1350 mm
  • Lost Load – 56 mm
  • Unit Weight – 126 kg

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Product Variations

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Log Grab Forklift Attachment

MGA01 $2,410.00

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