Drum Lifting Rotators

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These Drum Rotators are designed to lift and rotate 205 litre steel drums through 360 degrees using either overhead crane or forklift. Rotation of the drum is fully controlled throughout the operation. There are 2 versions: the 400kg DBR and the 1000kg DCDR.

Minimum effort is required for rotation and importantly the use of a large worm drive gearbox provides automatic braking of the drum during rotation – if the operator stops turning the handle or pulling the hand chain the drum will lock in position preventing dangerous and uncontrolled drum movement as seen on cheap devices.

The large size of the gearbox also greatly improves the life of the attachment reducing gearbox failure. The drum is secured into the Drum Dumper attachment with the sturdy belly strap and locked with the over-centre catch. A locking pin is inserted to prevent the accidental release of the catch during the tipping cycle.

Additional Information

Model DBR40H hand wheel version is designed for drum rotation up to chest height and the Model DBR40C can be used for drum rotation up to 3m above ground. Rotation is carried out using the hand chain (similar to a roller door). A chain bucket allows for storage of the hand-chain when not in use.

  • Zinc plated finish
  • Working Loading Limit (WLL) 400 kg
  • Unit weight: 70 kg

The DCDR1000H  hand wheel version or DCDR1000C hand chain versions are heavy-duty capacity crane drum rotators suitable for mining operations, manufacturers foundries, etc. The drum is quickly clamped into the holder via the twin chain belly strap allowing 360° rotation.

  • Working Load Limit (WLL) 1000 kg
  • Unit Weights 220 kg

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Drum Rotator- Crane or forklift (chain operated)

DBR40C $1,780.00

Drum Rotator- Crane or forklift (handle operated)

DBR40H $1,410.00

Drum Rotator with plastic barrel option

DBR40C-PBO $2,160.00

Drum Rotator with plastic barrel option

DBR40H-PBO $1,780.00

Heavy Duty Crane Drum Rotator (Chain Operated)

DCDR1000C $7,890.00

Heavy Duty Crane Drum Rotator (Handle Operated)

DCDR1000H $7,890.00

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