Convex Mirrors

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For the best results in safety, look no further than our great range of Convex Mirrors! These amazing mirrors can stop accidents from occurring in tight parking lots, give employers added views of their premises, act as a guide in distribution depots, protect pedestrians from oncoming traffic and even stop thieves in their tracks. With many designs available, including indoor, outdoor, high visibility and stainless steel mirrors, we offer a high-quality selection fit for any workplace.

Unlike other suppliers, we ensure that our Convex Mirrors are durable, superior and long-lasting. That’s why they’re a popular choice among our customers. Many of our competitors compromise safety by supplying cheap mirrors with poor curvatures, image and definition. This can drastically affect their working ability. As such, our Convex Mirrors comply with relevant standards, are well-built and are equipped with exceptional safety features.


Additional Information

Convex Mirrors Outdoor Application

Convex Mirror Outdoor Application 2

Extremely durable and high-quality Convex Mirrors. 

Our selection of Convex Mirrors offers a range of tough, weatherproof, impact-resistant mirrors suitable to either indoor or outdoor applications. They ensure safety in any organisation by increasing visibility around blind corners. When installing, the mirror will easily clamp onto a post, bracket or smaller insert. The size of the mirror will depend on the distance needed to be reflected. When in doubt, larger sizes are always ideal as they give you a bigger scope.

Outdoor Convex Safety Mirrors: 

This is a heavy-duty option that is extremely durable and weatherproof. Manufactured from an unbreakable polycarbonate face, they feature a high-visibility orange visor for quick recognition. This style of Convex Mirror is ideal for road and pedestrian applications, warehouses, distribution depots, loading dock areas and parking areas. Additionally, Outdoor Convex Mirrors are supplied with both wall mount brackets and post mount bracket to suit a 60 mm diameter post. Additional, wall brackets are available if required.

Code Product Type Diameter
MC450OD Outdoor Convex Mirror 450 mm
MC600OD Outdoor Convex Mirror 600 mm
MC800OD Outdoor Convex Mirror 800 mm
MC1000OD Outdoor Convex Mirror 1000 mm
Convex Mirrors - Outdoor

Convex Mirror (Outdoor)

Indoor Convex Safety Mirrors:

Constructed with an unbreakable polycarbonate face, our indoor range suits commercial, retail and institutional industries. They can also be used for inside pedestrian and traffic applications. They can be installed on walls or ceilings and are adaptable to any angle. Furthermore, they’re supplied with both wall mount brackets and post mount brackets to suit a 60 mm diameter post.

Code Product Type Diameter
MC300ID Indoor Convex Mirror 300 mm
MC450ID Indoor Convex Mirror 450 mm
MC600ID Indoor Convex Mirror 600 mm
MC800ID Indoor Convex Mirror 800 mm
Convex Mirror Indoor

Convex Mirror (Indoor)

High-Visibility Convex Safety Mirrors:

Our High-Visibility range includes strong, industrial convex mirrors that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Available in either a round or roundtangular shape, they are constructed from a tough, shatterproof polycarbonate lens with a durable moulded fibreglass backing panel. Suited to demanding environments, they feature a special design that also has the advantage of being visible at night or in low light, thanks to its premium Class 1 reflective surface. Both models are supplied with wall and post mount brackets to suit 60 mm diameter posts.

Code Product Type Diameter
MC450HV Round High-Vis Convex Mirror 450 mm
MC600HV Round High-Vis Convex Mirror 600 mm
MC800HV Round High-Vis Convex Mirror 800 mm
MC570RHV Roundtangular High-Vis Convex Mirror 390 x 570 mm
MC640RHV Roundtangular High-Vis Convex Mirror 440 x 640 mm
MC830RHV Roundtangular High-Vis Convex Mirror 550 x 830 mm
Convex Mirrors High Vis Round Indoor and Outdoor

Convex Mirror (High-Vis Round, Indoor and Outdoor)

Convex Mirrors High Vis Roundtangular Indoor and Outdoor

Convex Mirror (High-Vis Roundtangular, Indoor and Outdoor)

Stainless Steel Convex Safety Mirrors:

These are our most heavy-duty of all the models as they are designed for long-term use. With weather and impact resistance, they are suited to outdoor environments including public areas like roads, railway stations, airports. surveillance areas, remote locations, security and prisons. Stainless Steel Convex Mirrors are typically used to protect building assets, especially in environments where vandalism may occur. This style is supplied with a heavy-duty hot-dip galvanised post bracket to suit 75 mm.

Code Product Type Diameter
MC490SS Stainless Steel Convex Mirror 300 mm
MC600SS Stainless Steel Convex Mirror 450 mm
MC800SS Stainless Steel Convex Mirror 600 mm
MC1000SS Stainless Steel Convex Mirror 800 mm
MCB75 Optional Wall Mount Bracket for MC600/MC800/MC1000
Convex Mirror Stainless Steel

Convex Mirror (Stainless Steel)

Require an alternative solution?

View our great range of Ceiling Dome Convex Mirrors, which can be fixed on walls and corners.

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Convex Mirror 450mm Outdoor


Convex Mirror 600mm Outdoor


Convex Mirror 800mm Outdoor


Convex Mirror 1000mm Outdoor


Convex Mirror 300mm Indoor


Convex Mirror 450mm Indoor


Convex Mirror 600mm Indoor


Convex Mirror 800mm Indoor


Convex Mirror 450mm Hi-Vis Indoor/Outdoor


Convex Mirror 600mm Hi-Vis Indoor/Outdoor


Convex Mirror 800mm Hi-Vis Indoor/Outdoor


Convex Mirror 390 x 570mm Hi-Vis Roundtangular Indoor/Outdoor


Convex Mirror 440 x 640mm Hi-Vis Roundtangular Indoor/Outdoor


Convex Mirror 550 x 830mm Hi-Vis Roundtangular Indoor/Outdoor


Convex Mirror 490mm Stainless Steel


Convex Mirror 600mm Stainless Steel


Convex Mirror 800mm Stainless Steel


Convex Mirror 1000mm Stainless Steel


Wall Mount Bracket to suit MC600 MC800 and MC100


Convex Mirror Extendable Stand-off Arm 400 to 600mm
(Not compatible with Stainless Steel)


Wall Mount Bracket to suit Convex Mirrors
(Not compatible with Stainless Steel)


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