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Convex Mirrors – Ceiling Dome

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Our Ceiling Dome Convex Mirrors are an economical, lightweight and cost effective alternative when you required surveillance of an area. These mirrors come in a full dome (360° view) or half dome (90° view). Either model can be suspended on chains or attached to ceilings to gain a wide perspective of an area.

Our Ceiling Dome Convex Mirrors are a quality product. Cheaply priced mirrors can often give poor curvatures, image and definition and at times may not be in perspective with reality. We promise a 100% guarantee of a properly built and designed mirror and thoroughly recommend our Ceiling Dome Convex Mirrors as a leading choice.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Shape Diameter (mm) Fixing Ceiling Dome 1200 Ceiling


Shape Diameter (mm) Fixing Corner Dome 900 Corner


Shape Diameter (mm) Fixing Half Dome 900 Wall


Shape Diameter (mm) Fixing Ceiling Dome 900 Ceiling


Convex Mirror Half Dome 1000mm Indoor


Convex Mirror Ceiling Dome 1000mm Indoor


Convex Mirror Corner Dome 600mm Indoor


Convex Mirror Half Dome 600mm Indoor


Convex Mirror Ceiling Dome 600mm Indoor


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